How To Become a Pro Instagram Marketer.

Are you interested in taking your Instagram marketing to the next level? Instagram has become a massive social media network with 500 million monthly active users and is the fastest growing social network at the moment. Despite its popularity, many businesses are still wary of using Instagram as an effective marketing tool. This is because Instagram is a purely image based network and does not have target ad features like Facebook and other social media. This article brings you 6 tips from social media experts on how to boost your Instagram presence:

  1. Personalize your bio: When using Instagram as a marketing tool, you have to make sure the bio is memorable and unique. The content in your memo must be interesting and relevant to your usual posts. Think outside the box and be creative with your bio. You can even write your bio in a Word document and then paste it onto your Instagram account. Include a link in your bio that will take your followers to a landing page with your Instagram posts that will let you promote your business, gain subscribers and collect leads about your followers/subscribers.
Hand pointing at a Entrepreneur word illustration on blue background.
Hand pointing at a Entrepreneur word illustration on blue background.
  1. Upload quality pictures: Instagram is all about pictures and the best pictures will attract the most users. To get great pictures, avoid using your phones front camera and use the rear camera instead, as it has a much higher resolution. Get someone else to take your pictures, instead of just sticking to selfies. Learn some basic tips on photography to make your pictures look more professional and ‘polished’. Images are basically the heart of Instagram and good pictures will help you market your business much more easily.
  1. Make the most out of your hashtags: An Instagram picture is nothing without hashtags. The easiest way to make sure your pictures reach the largest possible audience is to use hashtags extensively. You can use advanced Instagram Search to find relevant and trending hashtags. Hashtags work by organizing and grouping pictures and video content in order to help with optimization and content discovery. Hashtags make things easier to find by grouping similar posts and simplifying searches. Using a certain hashtag on an image will catalog the picture with others that have the same hashtag. This means that people who type in that hashtag will see all the relevant images, even if they don’t follow specific Instagram feeds. Hashtags will increase your business’ exposure and make sure more people will see your content.
  1. Stick to a theme: Your Instagram posts should have a unifying or overarching theme that links everything together. This will make things more interesting and will also give you a dedicated base of followers. If you are using Instagram as a marketing tool, post relevant images connected to your business i.e. if you run a bakery, post pictures of your delicious treats, if you run a travel agency, post images of holiday destinations and historical sites, etc.
  1. Sponsored posts are useful: An easy way to boost your marketing on Instagram is to find popular Instagram accounts that are already catering to your target audience and pay them in exchange for sponsored posts. In fact, many accounts on Instagram exist to feature shout outs to certain companies or brands. Many of these accounts have thousands of followers in a variety of areas such as sports, health and fashion, among other things. This method is relatively cheap and will give you thousands of new followers overnight.
  1. Create a community: In order to stay relevant on Instagram, you must build a community and keep in touch with people. Also, make sure you keep track of things happening on Instagram. Follow the users who like your content and comment on things you enjoy. Keep posting new and unique pictures to keep your followers interested. Repost pictures that show your products being used or use hashtags in conversations about your business when appropriate.

Instagram can seem quite daunting as a marketing device. Using Instagram to market your business can be a smart and innovative PR move. All you have to do is post good pictures, use plenty of relevant hashtags and find the right sponsor for your business. A proper theme and a unique bio will also take your business a long way. Instagram will help expose your business to a huge number of people or users which can greatly improve your business’ prospects.


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