How to Market a Site Hosted by WordPress.

There once was a day when you could create a website, sit back and wait for the visitors to start rolling in. Or was there? These days, it’s practically impossible to let your website visitors come to you. Luckily, if you have a website hosted by WordPress, there are tons of tools you can utilize to ensure steady traffic flows.


Sometimes it can feel like there was never a moment in the history of the Internet where search engine optimization did not exist. We’ve been talking about it for years. The rules of SEO might seem extremely illusive and complicating. Yet creating SEO rich content is one of the best ways you can market your website.

Start by making a list of keywords for your site’s pages. If you’ve built a website for your band in Seattle, try to come up with some words that describe your music like:

  1. Alternative Music
  2. Grunge Music
  3. Nirvana
  4. Seattle
  5. Cover Band

Using Google’s keyword tool, plug in these keywords. Google will spit out a list of keywords that resemble your keywords. Using the SEO tool, try to find keywords that are trending but are not heavily used by other sites.

Note: Make sure you use keywords that are actually relevant to your website. Don’t type in “Kanye West” because people are Googling Kanye. If Kanye isn’t relevant to your band, you’ll lose your readers immediately.

WordPress Community

Guess what? There’s hundreds of thousands of other websites on WordPress just like yours. Crazy,right?

Not only are there plenty of other sites and bands like your band, but these bands all want the exact same things you do: Obtain fans.

Use the WordPress community to find others like you. Visit their sites. Reach out to them. Ask them to collaborate with you if applicable. Make sure you have your email address on your site so others can do the same for you. Showing genuine interest in others is one of the best ways for them to show interest in you. Who knows? One of those bands might get a record contract down the line and become one of your best connections.

Link to Other Sites

Sharing is caring. Linking to other sites gets your visitors involved in your site. It shows you’re well-versed in your field. It can also make your job easier. The more you link to other sites, the less you’ll need to write on your own site. If you’re creating a how-to manual for refinishing your kitchen counters, you can call upon the experts to back you up. Don’t explain how to use a band saw. Link to a video of Bob Villa using a band saw. It shows people you’ve done your own research and trims the fat from your website content.

Marketing Tools

The Internet is full of free marketing tools. One of the best ways to get your content out to the masses is through social media. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and other social media sites can increase your readership. Tweet the secret location for your band’s upcoming show. Instagram the amazing apple pie you baked this weekend and link to the recipe on your website. Invite all your Facebook friends to your gallery opening. Post a contest on Facebook, and hold a random drawing for prizes for anyone who likes your page. Add your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to all of your marketing materials.

Use websites like Pinterest to help promote your site too. If you have a particularly good photo you’ve posted, pin it. Plenty of photos have gone viral through Pinterest. If your website revolves around fashion, food, crafting or how-to videos, Pinterest is a great avenue for marketing. Just make sure your photos are top quality before posting here. If you have a food-oriented website, consider using a site like Food Gawker. Post your amazing food photos here, and like and share other photos.


If your WordPress site isn’t already a blog, consider starting a blog to drive traffic. Since blogs are updated constantly (usually once to three times a week), Google rates these pages higher than static sites. Incorporate SEO rich text into your blog. Keep it relevant. If your site is about your band, make sure your blog isn’t about cooking or gardening. Try writing content about other bands in your area, a diary about the music industry or reviews of new albums.

Email Marketing and Physical Marketing

How can your fans discover your site if you don’t tell them how to find you? Send out marketing campaigns via email to ensure your fans and readers have all the up-to-date information they need. Many email marketing campaign services can help you obtain email addresses (if you don’t have any to begin with) and can help you keep your email lists organized. Just make sure that everyone who is on your list is opening their emails, interacting with links or unsubscribing from your list. Since you pay for every email that goes out (not every email that is opened), you’ll only want to send out emails to those who actually return to your website.

WordPress Analytics

Use the analytics function available on WordPress sites to ensure you have all the information you need to make your site a success. Analytics can help you discover what days your blog is most popular, what content your guests visit regularly and where your guests originate (i.e. Google search, direct visit or referring link).

Deliver Great Content

Above all, the most important part of marketing a website is to create quality content. If you create SEO rich content, send out emails and Instagram every day, none of it will matter if your content is poor. If you start with an amazing product, your website will be easy to market.

Marketing a website hosted by WordPress might feel daunting at times. Yet if you try out one new marketing technique per week, you can build up to a well-marketed blog in less than a month.


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