How to recover data using Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery-Professional.


Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery as the name suggests comes up with a superb interface design followed up by recovering the files that you might have lost in the past from your windows operating system. The usage of Stellar Phoenix Windows data recovery is very smooth, and it has the reputation to recover all most everything from your windows system. Furthermore, it comes up with a convenient design which makes it the top performer among various windows data recovery software.

How to get started with the software?

The software will start off with a display screen prompting you to choose the data which you want to recover. The option may range from retrieving all the data or perhaps recovering data from a specific file type or folder. As per the default option to recover ‘Everything’ is enitled to be used, but you can change it as per your requirement.

Again, the next screen comes up with a menu displaying the most common locations such as disk drives or the desktop folder. You may choose an option to recover the disk partition that might have been lost. The menu has a possibility of deep scan as well, which you can use to find out the characteristic signatures that might be present in a particular sector of the disk.

How does the preview feature works?

The preview option in Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery-Professional helps you to find the file that you wish to recover. Mostly all the windows data recovery software searches for the file using the extension and not the name, which makes it difficult to find the file. But with Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery-Professional finding the missing file has now become very easy. The software provides additional information that easily helps you to find the file. For example, to find the missing graphics file, it includes the arbitrary name alongside the dimension of the file.

How does the software perform?

I tested the software and amazed by its performance. To test the performance, I deleted few files from my hard drive and from the recycle bin as well. The software took few seconds to find all the files. Since there have been a lot of deleted files in my system, I had to find the files by the name. But I soon found the folder where the files were saved and by the preview functionality, I could easily cross-check that the correct file was found.

In addition, I also used the software on my USB flash drive. I was attracted towards the elegant menu that it was displaying. It found 12 out of 13 files that were missing except one PDF file. One more thing that should be noted about Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery-Professional is that it can show irrelevant time estimates while scanning. Once, it was showing 12 hours to scan for the files, but it completed the scanning in less than one minute.

Finally, I have used it on an SSD (Solid-state drive). I tested the partition recovery feature by creating a partition having graphics files and other documents. I deleted the partition after that and then cleared the recycle bin as well. The software successfully recovers the deleted partitions and files.

How is Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is better than any other data recovery software?

The software has a clear and uncluttered menu design that can be quite beneficial, especially when you are stressed out finding the missing file. Furthermore, it is quite easy to perform the recovery process with easy to use interface. You can also get the previews of the recovered files, and it securely saves the lost data.

Piece of Advice :

Make sure that once you have recovered the file, you should not lose that again. It is recommended to have a backup software up your sleeves so that in case of a disaster, you can have a copy of your files.

Final Words :

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional is a unique data recovery software which performs speedy file recovery in minutes. It has an excellent interface where the navigation becomes quite easy. It is a must buy software for the non-tech users as it is the best data recovery software without any doubt. With the beautifully designed interface, it is a pleasure to use this software.