How will studying IT help with Job Opportunities?

Information Technology (IT) is a fascinating and exciting area of study. There are many different areas covered by the IT courses you can choose from including programming, web design, mobile application development, graphics and databases. While all of this makes studying IT a worthwhile use of your time, you may also be wondering about your prospects after you study IT at college.

As technology continues to develop, so the demand for people who have expertise and training in the field continues to grow. IT as an entity is involved in every business you can think of. That’s one of the best things about undertaking fields of study like the IT courses at Upskilled; you are not restricted to working in one particular sector. You can see how this opens a wide range of job opportunities for you. We are going to take a look at three of the specific areas you may want to work within after you finish studying.

Business Information Systems

It is possible to choose a course of study that concentrates on business information systems. If you are keen on a career in business, with a focus on IT, then this is an area you may want to look into. You don’t just need to be well-rounded in your knowledge of IT, you also have to have skills that enable you to manage IT systems, network, problem solve, strategize and be a leader of people.

A business information systems role is a good choice if you are gifted in IT but also have a head for management and business. Business systems analyst jobs attract an average salary of around AU$80,000, so the financial rewards are pretty impressive.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of the big growth areas in technology, with more and more business opting to invest in Cloud solutions. When Forbes reported on figures presented by WANTED Analytics in December 2014 there were already around 18,239,258 Cloud related jobs around the globe. That’s a huge number even before you take into account the continuing growth of Cloud use. If you want to choose Cloud computing as a career path then it helps to be certified in the area.

Any company that is looking for a Cloud architect is going to be looking for someone who can define business requirements of Cloud use and take care of deployment; it’s an all-encompassing role. Cloud architects are well rewarded for their skills, with an average salary expectation of around AU$130,000.

Web Design

If you are creatively minded, with a love of IT, a job in web design may be just right for you. To undertake a job as web designer you need a collection of different skills including graphic design, interface design, coding ability, SEO knowledge and UX knowledge. It’s one of those jobs that can be a perfect fit for someone who has an eclectic mix of left brain and right brain talents.

The one sure thing about web designers is there is still huge demand, even with the existence of website creation solutions that businesses can use with limited knowledge. Many businesses still opt to enlist professional web design help. The average salary for a web designer is around AU$51,000.

This is only a small selection of the roles available after you study IT at college. As we said at the start, every business now has a requirement for IT expertise. One thing you need to remember is that even though there is great demand for people qualified in IT, there is also a lot of competition for jobs. You need to make sure that you study hard and get as much experience as you can.


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