Kontent Machine : Review

Unique has always been and will always be in demand whether it is any product or written content. The demand of unique content is rising day by day as it helps in attracting more and more viewers onto your site but how to and from where to get this unique content? One option is to hire some content writer for this job who can write unique content for you and then ass backlinks and SEO links so that your content can get its position on the first page of search engine but is it the most feasible way? No, it is not and all this is because you will have to pay every time to get that unique content and that too the content you received may not be unique in real.

There was a time when content writers were popular amongst internet marketers but now this position has been taken over by unique content generating software. The term “Content Writer” seems to be promising and it is obvious that we think they generate a total new content but this is not true. All they do is they read few articles and frame them in their words which is ultimately the same content but in new words as there is nothing new to read. Same is the case with content generating software; they generate the unique and relevant content by scraping articles that have already been published online. The final content generated seems to be unique which is same as that of many content writers does.

There is hardly any difference between the ways of writing content in both the ways but there are many benefits of going with software rather than content writers especially for the ones that are constant bloggers as they are in need of writers the most and some of them are:

  • Unique content generating software will never ask for payment every time you generate a new content from it which is way better than hiring content writers and paying them every time. If you are a blogger and you hire writers to make content for your website then software is better option as all you need to do is one-time payment which is much lesser than the count of content writers.
  • You do not have to manually add images and videos if you prefer unique content generating software because they do this job automatically and that too they add highly relevant pictures which can enhance the quality of your content.
  • You can add backlinks that leads onto your site by the help of content generating software which increases your value of being on web.

Apart from these there are many more benefits of choosing unique content generating software but does every unique content generating software is equally beneficial? It is not true, there are many content generating software you can find that sounds promising but the truth comes out to be different. All they want you to download them and before proving their services they will ask you for at least monthly payment. Only that content generating software is good which does not only provide unique content but can also help in improving traffic onto your site by either creating backlinks or SEO links. One such kind of software if “Kontent Machine” which is unique content generating software and is not only best in itself but stands out and above all other content generating software.

What all features Kontent Machine has?

Being able to get everything at one place seems to be a dream especially when it is related to generating SEO content but it is no more a dream because now you have Kontent machine with you. Let us look at the features that makes Kontent machine best to have software for generating unique content.

  • Even after scraping already present articles Kontent Machine generates high-quality content. The best part is it uses newly posted articles to make your article updated with latest information. So, that you do not end-up posting information that was in past not in present.
  • It provides the feature of adding links at the back of your content which leads to your website. This means if you have Kontent Machine software with you then you do not require any other link building tool.
  • It automatically adds image and videos if you wish to add them which make your content more interest and appealing for the reader. To have quality viewers it is important to hold their attention and a simple content looks boring and no one turns to read it all. Here, images and videos are of great help as they contain summarized content so that the reader can read targeted points in short.
  • You will be given four options to where you can source your content and the options are: Built-In Article Scraper, Built-In Article Scraper + Local Files, Locally Saved Files, The Leading Articles marketplace.
  • Kontent Machine provides three keywords space i.e. you can write three keywords that will make your content visible through search engine. Here, the first one will be at priority and rest secondary.
  • You can even decide the quality level of your content for example if you are looking for highest quality content which is the most desirable one then you have to select Tier 1. There are three tiers as per the quality i.e. Tier 1, 2 and 3 so for the least quality content you will have to select Tier 3.
  • To make the scraped content unique content generating software uses spinning tools and Kontent Machine software integrates with a number of spinning tools including: Spinner Chief, Spin Chimp, Spin Rewriter, The Best Spinner, Word Ai. Apart from these you can spin the content manually too if you do not want to use above mentioned tools.
  • You can select the number of paragraphs you want to be present in the content. This makes you to deal with the length and in between spacing of the words so that you can make it as per the length you want.
  • With the help of Kontent Machine you can enter different anchor text every time a link published to your site. Anchor texts are clickable texts which are relevant to the pages they direct you to. This is best practised in SEO links that leads the user to the website related to the word they were reading.
  • You can control the percentage of how many times the keywords and the URLs can be used as the anchor text when inserting the links.
  • It is not good to be caught that you publish content in order to redirect the readers onto your site as this can also lead to penalty so to make it less obvious you have a feature of adding other sites so that it looks more natural and you will never be caught.
  • You can build and export the content directly if you are using any link building applications which can publish this content for you.

Above all there comes the price of Kontent Machine. The positive thing with this software is that you can either choose lifetime package in which you will have to pay only once and for the lifetime you can draw content from it easily without any payments and the second one is monthly subscription. In monthly subscription you will be charged fixed amount every month regardless of how much content you draw and generate from Kontent Machine. Apart from these there are many more features of Kontent Machine software that makes it worth giving try but as we know nothing comes without a drawback and so as Kontent Machine.

Drawback: You do not have any free trial version of Kontent Machine so you have to be very sure before downloading and getting started with this software as if does not turn into the way you wanted then your money will be wasted.

Having a doubt is obvious and you must be thinking how to know about Kontent Machine if it has no trial version. In such a case, you can look for its honest reviews. It is always better to trust past users rather than trying on oneself first because reviews tell a lot about any software. You may also get to see some dishonest reviews but you need to be a bit exploring if you really want to know exact functioning.

After the complete story some of you might be thinking why do we need all this? Basically, it is useful for you if you are an internet marketer and you make money through blogging because income depends upon the number of quality views and likes you get and these views and likes depends upon the rank of your website. When we search for something then the links available are according to their ranks i.e. the mostly viewed link will be at the top and the least one will be at the bottom. This shows the importance of being at good rank so that your link will get visible on the first page of the search engine.

How to increase the rank?

The only way to increase the rank is to increase the number of viewers and this can be possible only when you have something unique to deliver to your viewers. Viewers may not interested in your blogs and articles if they are same old and rewritten content so to attract them you need to put some efforts but in a professional of blogging it is not possible to generate new content regularly. So, to keep your work move unique content generating software helps so that you can post as many number of content you want by inserting backlinks that takes readers to your site in order to increase number of viewers.

This may look unfair to you but it is completely fair as the anchor texts takes the reader to the site related to that text. Many times these are useful but to some readers these links are annoying but in both the ways they are making money to the site owner and increasing its rank.

If you are associated with any internet marketing profession then using these content generating software can be of great help as you will no longer have to be dependent on the content writers and you can draw as many number of content you want without making any individual payments. But, you got to be very alert while choosing the software especially if it is not providing any trial version. There are many unique content generating software that are made to generate unique content but all of them do not provide same features.

You can segregate the ones that offer the features you want and the ones that offer trial version. Through all this you can get the one you want i.e. the one on which you can trust and rely. For the software that do not provide trial version you can first try to try them by making first month payment and then shifting it to lifetime package. This way you can be assured of the software you are spending on so that your money does not get wasted. So what are you waiting for? Try the new way of generating unique content through software rather than spending for every piece of writing. Keep generating, keep blogging and make lots and lots of money.


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