Leveraging the Power of Influencer Marketing to Boost SEO

Through their large fan base, influencers can offer your business huge exposure and valuable SEO. However, this is not realized a lot of the time because too much focus is placed on just maintaining the partnership, using up most of the available resources.

Nevertheless, by having experienced SEO professionals handle these partnerships on your behalf, you can certainly get enviable SEO results. The following are some ways you can improve the value you get from collaborating with influencers.

Influencer links

Find a way of making audiences want to jump from influencers’ content to your business’ site. This should be a part of all your influencer marketing efforts. For example, give the audience a taste of something, such as a snippet of an interview, and invite them to watch or listen to the whole thing on your brand’s site. This is how you get valuable links.

Doing this allows you to start shaping the conversions of audiences through partnering with influencers. Take it as a chance to showcase impressive aspects of your products or services as you try to improve your conversion rates. You could also have influencers include intriguing hyperlinks (e.g., brand.com/zoella-uncut) that appeal to the audiences.

Guest posts

Internet celebrities such as bloggers on YouTube typically have authority websites or blogs that are rich in valuable links. Offering something exclusive on an influencer’s site is a good move because links such as these are not easy to get. For best SEO Colorado Springs, use this technique.

One effective way of getting links on the websites of influencers is offering a form for signing up for a prize and having the influencer, instead of you, hosting it. An exclusive photo-shoot or behind-the-scenes footage is another good example.

If you author a guest post for an influencer’s site, there’s a good chance that they’ll let you include a direct link to your site or a priority link to a tutorial or terms and conditions. Where more than one company features on an influencer’s site, it is often easier getting guest posts that include signed-off links.

Influencer link prospects

Carefully examine your portfolio of online influencer links. Determine whether there is any advantage from well-established publishers that is worth looking into and whether any of those publishers hold the influencer in high regard. Negotiate these opportunities through invitations, making sure that your influencer’s management signs off on it first.

Links from influencers’ fans

The power of influencers is not limited to just them. Some of it lies in their fans and coverage of their fan site. In most cases, targeting the fan base of an influencer involves offering them exclusive rights to air the brand-related content. For instance, you can offer them an exclusive video message, a brief Q&A, or unseen behind-the-scenes footage.

Researching social media influencers

The search functions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are a great resource for identifying influencers. They are also useful for determining whether the influencer you are considering has enough influence to justify collaboration with them.

In addition to determining the size of the audience of the influencers you are considering, do some digging to find out the demographic distribution of the influencers’ audiences. What would be the purpose of collaborating with a social media influencer with a super large audience if only a small portion of it has potential customers?

Aiming for authenticity

Audiences care more about people and celebrate them more than they do brands. Your influencer marketing efforts will therefore bear more fruit when you focus (or make it seem as though your focus is) more on the person than on your brand. Find a creative way of lauding the influencer’s achievements and naturally aligning your products into the celebration.

Influencers and long-tail keywords

Most celebrities and influencers have long-tailed searches that are typically quite cut-and-dried, in addition to being high-traffic and low competition. They’re all authority signals and include tutorials, workouts, interviews, etc. Find a way of quickly integrating these – like recording a brief Dictaphone interview and tagging it with two or three photos for a podcast.

Gaining traction through staff

In the past, only top brands such as Burberry were at the forefront of influencing their employees, encouraging all of them to post new live advertisements on their social media feeds. Nowadays, this practice is fairly commonplace. You can, however, take it a step further by letting more employees have cameo roles in campaigns. This helps spread the word.


Just about every SEO digital marketing agency or online business these days has content marketing and SEO in their marketing budget, which is okay. But if you want to pump more fuel into your campaign to make it more impactful, you can’t afford to leave out influencer marketing. Not only do influencers improve the discoverability of your brand, but they also enhance audience development and boost ROI.


Clifton M. Binder has worked as a digital marketer in the SEO industry for 13 years. He has written numerous articles and blog posts on topics related to modern SEO, including identifying the best SEO Colorado Springs.


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