Leveraging Trending Enterprise Technologies to Benefit Your Business.

Technology is moving at a faster rate than we could have imagined. Harnessing technology can help your business grow, streamline processes, create more efficient workflow and reduce time spent on data entry. If you want the have the insight of Donald Burns, you need to keep your finger on the pulse of enterprise technology trends. In order to make technology trends pay off for your business, you need to be able to recognize what technology is increasing in popularity and beneficial to your business.

Cloud-First Technology

Companies that embrace a cloud-first strategy see marked improvements in their businesses. Investing in cloud-first technology means lower hosting and equipment costs, streamlined operations, increased productivity, increased capacity and enhanced collaboration. Taking steps to migrate to the cloud will benefit your business and keep it agile.

Cloud-first technology allows you to lower IT costs by leveraging the benefits of sharing infrastructure and only paying for the resources consumed. This concept began in the United States federal government but has since spread to the commercial sector. The cloud provides elasticity and scalability within the limits provided by your cloud provider. These limits include network usage and the number of virtual machines.


Cybersecurity must keep up with the agility of the internet of things (IoT). Designs of technology need to consider security during the early development of any application, solution and enterprise architecture. As technology advances and cloud and mobile computing push the IT landscape toward further chaos, IT leaders are losing control of their technology. That is why investing in cybersecurity is vital.

Staying on top of cybersecurity means shifting your business’s security mindset from one of incident response to one of continuous response. This requires that your security architecture integrates prediction, prevention, detection and response. Hire creative security professionals to develop and implement security strategies that are agile and adaptable.


Many people fear automation because they think it means the end of jobs. In reality, it has the ability to expand jobs just in different sectors. If your employees are spending a large part of the day on data entry, automation is lacking in your business. Technology can help you make your business more efficient and free up time to focus on more important things. Humans are better at being creative than machines. Let technology take care of the menial tasks so that your team can concentrate on innovation and creation.

A strong enterprise automation strategy can improve your business’s approach to process management while cutting costs. Improvements to technology allow you to automate more tasks. This cuts staffing costs and reduces errors. These processes will become more consistent and managers can access reports in real time.

Intelligent Apps

Intelligent apps help streamline workplace processes. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have reached a tipping point. Intelligent systems learn, adapt and potentially act autonomously instead of only executing predefined instructions. Intelligent apps like virtual assistants make everyday tasks easier. They prioritize emails and highlight important content and interactions so that users are more effective. Intelligent apps combined with big data and analytics tools will allow your business refine offers and increase customer service.

Smart Beacons

More and more consumers are using their smartphones to make purchases. Location-based marketing using smart beacons to retarget. Your business can not only help you can insight into consumer interests but allow you to use online retargeting tools to target customers with online ads. Proximity data gives you granular and precise insights into real-world consumer behavior. You can leverage these smart beacons to gain an in-depth understanding of what users are doing inside stores, in specific departments and the products they interact with.


Enterprise technology has increased mobility tenfold. As this trend continues, more and more companies will be able to reap the benefits of engaging a remote office/branch office system. Contrary to some thoughts, working from home increases productivity while decreasing stress. Creating a system that allows employees to work from home can save your business money in the long run. Leveraging technologies like video chats, conference calls, VPN networks and wireless internet allows the employees to stay connected without being physically in the office.

Telecommuting provides many benefits for employers and business owners. It limits absences, increases productivity and saves money. You are not limited by geographical restrictions when hiring employees. This means you can hire the best of the best. Telecommuting employees also provide their own computers, electricity and other utilities the company would usually have to shoulder. Employees are also more content because they can have a more flexible schedule and not waste time and resources on commuting to work.

As technology advances, it is important to incorporate it into your business. Streamlining processes, becoming more agile and increasing mobility will allow your company to grow. Leverage enterprise technologies to make your business more efficient, reach more clients and consumers and cut costs. Technology breeds happier employees, consumers and businesses.



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