Leveraging Video Content for a Great SEO Boost.

Mobile-friendliness has come and gone as the next big thing with search engines; and there’s a lot of buzz that videos will be the next big thing. After all, watching or sharing videos already makes up more than half of all internet activity, and by 2019, it’s expected to be as much as 80%, outgrowing more traditional content. Video advertising on social media websites will be the marketing of the future.

Video is also demonstrated to be an effective marketing platform. Roughly 44 percent of buyers watch videos about products they’re looking to buy, and a little more than half visited the website relating to the video they watched. And that’s not even considering the SEO value of video…

Hopefully, we’ve convinced you that as a marketing tool and source of traffic, producing videos makes sense. But to give you more reason to add video into your marketing mix, we’ve got some great tips on leveraging your video content for a significant SEO boost.

Boost for Having Rich Content

Just having video is a content signal which Google uses to rank sites, and using the appropriate keyword labels on your video, just las with images, can help your website improve its rankings. Rich media itself doesn’t provide a massive boost; but like social signals to a specific page, it can be enough to break ranking ties.

Ranking With Help from Video Sites

If you share the video on sites like Vimeo and Youtube, you’ll get another boost, because most of these allow you to link to your website in your profile and in the comments of the videos that you post. And the more these videos are watched or shared, the higher the rank of the page the video is on that’s linking to your website, the bigger the SEO benefit. It’s almost like creating a positive feedback loop! And remember, the Youtube site is owned by Google; a link to your website from Youtube carries significant weight, no matter what niche your website is in.

Another way to capitalize on this is to post the transcript of the video. That can give signals to search engines regarding what the video is about. If you don’t have the transcript already written, you can use transcription services to have it written for you.

Use a Video Sitemap

Video sitemaps provide additional metadata which provides more useful information to search engines, including rating, the video’s view count, and other important data. It will help duplicate keywords used in the video title, which provide another significant boost.

Increased Social Signals

Sharing your videos on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter can net some significantly improved social signals, which can translate to better SEO for your website. Whenever you publish a video, ensure that you share it on all of your social media outlets. Video is the most shared content type on Facebook, so leverage that to gain access to more potential viewers– and website visitors.

Remember the Golden Rules

Any video can fall flat if it’s not produced well, so lean towards the best video-producing guidelines to get the most SEO value out of your videos. Videos perform best when they’re short and punchy. In fact, most visitors click off a video before the 2 minute mark. Use this when generating your videos to cut down on your costs to produce them, and ensure that you’re communicating what you need to before the time when you lose most of your watchers. Because the more watchers and views a video has, the more powerful a tool it has become.


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