Log out your other Active Sessions of Gmail,Remotely.

With the web based emails people get the ability to log on from any place, anytime- at work, at home, a mobile device, a friend’s home or even from a cyber café or public library. But let’s assume you forgot to log off from your account? There are so many scammers present all around, what if someone gets the hold of your account and now can easily access all your personal information. Not only this they can have many reasons. They can also grab your passwords for the internet services that provides reminders through sending emails. But google has provided a useful solution for this problem.The Google inclusive Gmail Service is trying to deal with the problem by letting people know that they are still logged in or not from elsewhere and also provides you with  a chance  to remotely log out.

Look at the bottom of the Inbox present on your gmail, there you will find a small notice of your activity sessions. A new feature is included , it also provides users with the information on the location, time of your recent activities  on gmail.

This notification is of great importance and use, though there is no guarantee of accuracy.to learn about your active sessions it is important that  you must have logged in somewhere. For that purpose you will have to be careful and if you have selected the option of the password saving on other computers  then your account is at high risk. Anyone can have easy access to your personal accounts and information unless you have changed it. But the feature you will find on the gmail is of great use and provides you with the extra level of comfort. Internet email provider which is popular  like Microsoft Corp,’s hotmail, yahoo Inc. time warner Inc. AOL also provides immediate sessions, but they do not offer the similar ability or notice to vaguely log off. Though, AOL has the feature of forcing log off automatically after thirty minutes of inactivity. According to Microsoft  hotmail will ask your password  if the sessions  remains open for too long.


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