Managing Your Physical Security Team with Modern Specialized Software.

Now when the term “security” is mentioned, many people’s first thoughts go to antivirus programs, protecting their bank information from hackers, or to real time security monitors they have installed in their home. However, there is a large portion of the industry that’s missing in this train of thought: physical security. That’s right, we’re referring to a team of people patrolling an area either during or after business hours to keep it secure, safe, and free from unwanted trespassers.  

For thousands of years, mankind has been using humans as guards to protect valuables, starting from the lives of important at at-risk people, to assets like buildings, or precious items like information, treasure, or food sources. Thankfully, along with every other industry, it has evolved to a modern equivalent: the security guard. His tools have also evolved, from swords, rifles, to today’s mobile phone.

For a long time, there was a disjoint between physical security teams and information technology, however now they work hand in hand to provide a higher level of service than previously attainable. Specialized software has evolved to integrate the “feet on the ground” with those higher up and with the client, sharing real time information, gaining quicker reporting and decision making, and analyzing information to constant improvement to services.

These are just some of the many perks companies can gain from either contracting a modernized physical security service or updating their own inhouse team.

1) Real Time Data

By installing a guard tour or GPS tracking on members of your security team, you can ensure that the work is being done and that the premises is indeed secure. Gone are the “mall cop” jokes, as a trackable team is one to be reckoned with because it keeps members accountable for their actions and their time.

2) Better Response Time

If an event was reported to the security service, it’s difficult to dispatch staff in an efficient manner without the right software. You don’t want everyone to run to the scene of the incident, but you do want the closest available members to respond while others continue patrolling the area. Having modern security software, you know that you are dispatching the closest person for the best response time.

3) Incident Reporting

By being able to file a report from a mobile device, the information can be more quickly collected and communicated higher up the chain. Within minutes, the right decision-maker can be contacted with a full report of the event while the security team members on the team are poised for instructions for next actions. A comprehensive incident reporting software suite for security professionals can make all the difference to those looking to hire on a security team.

4) Analysis

Connecting the dots is a lot more difficult if you are still dealing in a paper or rudimentary computer system method. Intelligent security software will help you analyze the data by grouping similar events, frequent incident areas, or recommending changes that will improve your level of security. See trends as they appear and learn how to alter your operations to optimize your service.

Some people cling to the idea that their rudimentary systems, even if they are computer-based, are good options for managing their physical security teams. However, there is a reason for which specialized software has entered the market, and physical security is definitely an industry that can benefit from using it in their operations. It gives the users a competitive advantage over other security service that have not adapted modern software, especially since the data collected can support its value added.


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