Most Called for Apps in Today’s Mobile Workforce.

Today’s workforce is more mobile than ever before and as a result, the ways in which businesses operate has undergone a huge shift from the traditional nine-to-five model that was in effect for so many years. Where once the ‘travelling salesman’ image was the brunt of so many jokes, today it seems that this is the norm as more and more business men and women have become virtual globetrotters. So many professionals rarely work from their home office and based on a need to stay connected, mobile apps especially for smartphones have become increasingly important. If you are a company director looking for ways to help keep your team connected when they are out in the field, you may want to consider these categories of the most called for apps in today’s mobile workforce.

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1. Mobile Document Applications

A business professional always needs to access documents, no matter what industry he or she is employed in. Sometimes those documents need to be created and/or edited while other times they simply need to be viewed. Mobile document applications aren’t always included with the mobile devices being utilised, so a third party app would be required. Of special import are mobile document apps that can double as signage apps to acquire client signatures whilst out in the field.

2. CRM Apps

Again, when out and about meeting with clients, the business professional will need to make notes to customer files, keep track of data and also access customer files that are stored back home on the mainframe. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) apps are in high demand and it just might be beneficial to hire an Apple app development UK firm if you require any proprietary information to be stored or shred. CRM apps are generally bespoke because of the specific needs peculiar to each individual company.

3. Notes

Another common type of app used often by a mobile workforce is one that enables the professional to make notes while out of the office, and generally when meeting with clients. Whether notes are taken through speech or text, a notepad type of application is of vital importance to a mobile worker.

4. Video Conferencing

Sometimes the business professional is meeting with a client but a final determination on the matter at hand cannot be made without the consent of that worker’s superior. Video conferencing is a way for all parties to be present without being in the exact same physical location.

5. Cloud Based Apps

Sometimes the information a professional enters on his or her mobile device is not intended to be shared, just a way to keep meetings fresh until back at the office where proper notes can be entered in the system. Other times that information is meant to be shared by the entire team so it is sent to the Cloud via that professional’s mobile device. Anyone privy to that information can see it in real time from their computer and can also notate the file to be seen remotely in real time as well.

With such a huge portion of the workforce being mobile it is understandable that mobile apps have become such a huge part of the traveller’s toolbox. They are, for all intents and purposes, indispensable tools of the trade.


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