Now watch your 90’s Cartoon Series Online with Cartoon HD.

Cartoon HD is an interesting online video streaming app. While most other apps which serve the same purpose, like PlayBox, ShowBox, Popcorn Time, are focussed on TV series and movies, Cartoon HD focuses more on cartoon s as suggested by the name itself. It has an amazing collection of cartoons, right from your childhood to the cartoon of these days. But, I am saying it again just to avoid any confusion regarding the content that the app provides, It does not only let the users stream cartoons, there is also a vast collection of movies and TV series here.

The app has a vast variety, and when I say vast it means more than that, of cartoons. You can just go back to that precious time of your childhood with just simple taps. Be it Scooby Doo or Johnny Quest, everything is right there waiting for you to explore them again. But well, this app does not only cater to the fond memories of the adults. It also has a great collection of the recent cartoons. So even if you are not using it, you may let your younger one watch a cartoon of his or her choice while you cook or get busy with work or just relax.

The Contents Cartoon HD Provides:

Now let’s talk about the other contents that Cartoon HD provides. The only problem in their interface is that they categorized both movies and TV series under the same banner. But other than that, their collection is sure to blow your mind! They have movies irrespective of their genres and the year of release. You get old movies and new movies alike.


And you will be more than just amused when you see the TV series that they provide. Almost all the popular and trending TV series are right there. And the best part is, they update their database on a regular basis, so you hardly have to wait for the latest episode of the TV series that you watch. And for those TV series that are not being released one episode at a time now, you can indulge in the joy and happiness of binge watching them using Cartoon HD.

And while you are busy watching these videos and cartoons and movies, you will not have to worry about the storage space on your device. Yes. As Cartoon HD is an online streaming app, it does not consume a lot of storage on your device even when you are watching a 3-hour long movie.

Also, you get to decide the quality of the video you are going to watch according to your needs and your internet connection. Cartoon HD lets you stream videos in the lowest of the resolution to the best of the resolutions. And you can download the same as well.

The users also get in-app updates about the latest uploads. Cartoon Hd also has this brilliant feature of user interaction. So it recommends new shows based on your browsing history and the videos you have watched.

The only minor problem is that the app is not available on Play Store by Google. But side-loading is always available. You can download the apk file from their website or any other mirror website and then install it on your device. Install to enjoy the experience of online movie and cartoon streaming for free.


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