Outsourcing Software Development.

With a globalizing economy, maintaining a competitive edge means cutting costs, optimizing efficiency and providing great customer service. Outsourcing software development is becoming a viable way to cut costs while working with the best. Information technology outsourcing is the use of external sources to deliver It-enabled business processes, application services and infrastructure solutions to your business outcomes.

Approaches to Outsourcing

There are three primary approaches to outsourcing the development, testing or maintenance of software product: dedicated teams, staff augmentation and project-based. There is not one that outshines them all. Each model serves a certain set of needs.

  •        Dedicated teams – In this model, the provider builds the team and takes care of people management, low-level management and process quality. You make the project/product management decisions, but the provider works out the best process to be used by the team.
  •        Staff augmentation – This model is the simplest of the three. The outsourcing provider builds the software development team and provides a place for the team to work. The provider makes sure the people are in place but all other aspects remain your responsibility.
  •        Project-based – In this model, you provide a goal with well-defined requirements that the developed software must meet and the provider puts together a fix-sized team for the dedicated time period with the task of developing the best possible software in that timeframe.

Benefits of Outsourcing

Offshore development is a great strategic approach for your business. Outsourcing helps you decrease payroll and conduct a cost-effective business. Here are some of the many benefits of outsourcing your software development.

  •        Savings – Outsourcing saves your business time and money. You can cut labor costs while reducing the workload on your in-house employees. You are also paying a dedicated team to work on a specific task or project around the clock. This allows you to get your product to market more quickly.
  •        Experience – Sometimes internal resources are not enough to globalize your company’s business. You can outsource to an IT company that is experienced in a particular field. This makes the applications sounder and systematic for overall performance.
  •        Professionals – Outsourcing gives you access to the best and brightest IT professionals. Going overseas allows you to bypass the gaps in hiring pools.
  •        Flexibility – Outsourcing takes some of the stress out of software development. You don’t have to spend time developing teams for short-term projects. This allows you to focus on what you are best at.

Why the Ukraine.

The Ukraine is quickly becoming the top spot for outsourcing software development by U.S.-based companies. The Ukraine is home to the largest number of information technology professionals in Europe. These software engineers are skilled in Java, C#, JavaScript, PHP and Python which are the most popular programming languages. Professional services are easy to come by. The Ukraine has over one thousand IT companies offering a variety of software services.

Eighty percent of Ukrainian tech workers have an intermediate or higher level of English proficiency. Working with Ukrainian businesses is quite different than businesses in other countries, Ukrainian culture and ethics are similar to those of the United States. They are open to challenges and confrontation, dedicated to the projects they are working on and have a drive to succeed. This means good things for your company and the product developed.

An offshore software development company based in Ukraine provides many other benefits. These companies provide product development, dedicated teams and project-based solutions. They work in all sorts of software development industries: business automation, game development, e-health, e-government, e-commerce and startup and innovation.

Making the decision to outsource your software development projects can be difficult. There is a lot to take into consideration, especially your first time around. You need to find the best approach for your particular business. Determine the pros and cons of outsourcing. Take into consideration the actually skills of your in-house employees. If they are dedicated to one project, they cannot focus on other goings-on in the business. Hiring and training a team for a short-term project can be draining on time and resources. Offshore Ukrainian software development companies might be the answer. They are culturally similar to the United States. They are prolific in IT professionals. Once you make the leap and discover the benefits, you might find yourself outsourcing all your IT needs.


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