Power Point Presentation Templates and Where to Find the Best Templates.

From interviews, school projects, work presentation, to showing picture perfect 3D animations to clients. It matter less what your age is and what you do, power point presentations are everywhere and making whole power point presentations by yourself becomes a rather tedious and tiring task. Thus the need of power point templates arise, which helps you just you the pre-made style of the presentation and just add content for your ease. No matter what your needs, this article here will help you find the perfect PowerPoint template for your presentation so that you waste less time on finding one on the internet and spend a little more time on the content of your presentation.

Powered Template- powered template is an amazing website that offers the best corporate and business presentation templates. They offer discounts too, currently having 40,000 templates that are being offered for free and you can earn free points too; these points help give discounts of up to 50% or even free of cost! They offer different clip art, diagrams, maps, charts, tree diagrams etc. They also offer the ability to customize your template, so if one thing or the other is not as per your liking, you could customize it. They offer by-theme templates, what this means is that they have broken down the 40,000+ templates into sections depending on your needs. For examples, there is a section for school presentations, business presentations, science project presentations, health, 3D, communications and much more. All in all in terms of presentation templates it is the best site that you should go to if you’re looking for a template and are willing to spend a little extra money for that experience of high quality and customizations that the company offers to its customers.

Microsoft- Microsoft is the company that made the software that is Power Point, so it only makes sense that one uses the templates designed by the parents company itself. This would most likely be the first go to option of every person trying to make a PowerPoint presentation. Microsoft has thousands of templates available for power point 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013.Their templates are divided into different categories like, business, informal, etc. You can find almost any type of template on their template site. All the templates available there will suit to your needs.

Fppt.com- fppt stands for Free Power Point Templates, they offer more than 1000 different templates that are more than sufficient to find one that suits you the best. They also offer 3D templates, themes, and different templates to be downloaded.

TemplateMonster- template monster is a corporate company offering templates for PowerPoint chart and other PowerPoint presentations. Being a corporate company more directed towards business presentations, they charge about 40 dollars for one time use and 400dollars to buy a presentation. The picture and graphics quality is commendable and is perfect for those business presentations in front of clients and bosses. Despite this there are a few templates that are named as samples and are offered for free.

CrystalGraphics- though a paid company, crystal graphics offer up to a massive amount of templates; 30,000 templates. As of now they charge $99 for one year, $149 for two years, or $175 for three years. With a yearly subscription you can download as many templates as you wish to. Being a paid company the quality of products is extremely high, offering embedded flash, video, and 3D transitioning to the presentations.

Presentation Magazine- this site virtually does not offer a lot of choices for templates and it also falls behind on the quality factor and corporate feel. But all the templates here are free and can be used for almost any occasion, whether it is business, school, Christmas, general college assignment, these will work everywhere without giving you a low quality feel or vibe.

It should be noted that template files are big enough that a virus like Trojan or malware, but these aforementioned sites are reliable as they have been around for a long time.


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