Protect Your Media Files using LEO Privacy Guard.

Are you worried of prying eyes checking through your mobile phone and those private photos and videos? Get LEO Privacy Guard and stop your worries now. This highly-trusted application is designed to make sure you have better privacy with all your private videos and photos kept completely safe. With this application you can rest assured of keeping your personal files private without necessarily saving them in cloud or trusting them with a third party, LEO Privacy Guard will keep your personal files locked in your device so that they are safe. This application hides your videos through fingerprints or passcodes making sure that only you will access them.

Hide your videos/photos

Every photo and video which you would like to remain hidden now can be hidden with Privacy Guard with maximum ease. This app is especially known for having high flexibility. To do this, there are many means available ranging from touch ID, pin to Dot Lock. You can not only pick the best way to Hide video/videos, but also you can settle option for the option that best suits your needs. To add to its flexibility, the app lets you add photos or videos to private folders in just a simple swipe. So, now you will not have to postpone the otherwise time-consuming task of transferring files to private folders; because the task can be completed easily and quickly.


Another special feature of the application is that it offers you a Private Camera with which you can capture fleeting moments silently before saving them into a private folder. You also quickly access the Private Camera from the notification bar in your phone, making it actually ideal for you if you wish to capture moments silently.

Other features

Lock apps and other content inside the app

This feature lets users set passwords to protect your apps. This is achieved by setting a password or pin code that must be entered by users wishing to access the locked apps or content. It is highly recommended that one sets a security question accompanied with an answer in case they forget the pin code. You have an option of locking applications after screen off, be regularly reminded to lock new apps or set auto-lock settings. You could automatically lock or unlock by desired location and time, and easily switch between different mode options.

Sleek and stylish interface

It has an easy-to-use interface with helpful animations and large icons. It also comes with instructions and tips on how every section within the app works. LEO Privacy Guard also displays the total number of apps installed in the device, alongside the amount of traffic and memory used. Shortcuts for each section are featured at the bottom of your device’s screen.

Backup applications and boost your phone’s performance

The application allows you to backup apps to an SD card, before later restoring them to original directories. It also has the capability of uninstalling unwanted apps. The boost feature utilizes animations and closes applications running within the background so as to release memory and make the phone perform better and faster.

The Safe Box feature will let you store personal information, such as membership card and credit card information safely in your mobile device while Device Monitor allows you to monitor total data usage and the battery conditions in real time.

Pricing and Availability

Leo Privacy Guard is free and through the App Store within the utilities category. There also exists an Android version on Google Play.

All in all, LEO Privacy Guard is a decent application, one with a lot to offer. It isn’t exactly subtle in how it does its job, but for users locking things it is fairly simple to setup. LEO Privacy Guard more about locking your own private content and to hide video/videos away from other users, and not from external threats from the internet, but if that is what you are looking for, then it will certainly work wonders for you!


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