Quick Tips : TV Buying Guide 2016

Televisions are the most important entertainment items which cannot be bought just like that. If you are already thinking of buying one then you must be having lot many questions in your mind because of which it must be hard to come to a conclusion. There are many things you need to keep in mind which can help you in selecting a best model as per need.

Some of them are:

  1. Picture quality: If you think 720p is the high definition quality then let me tell you this picture quality is okay if you are watching movies on computers or mobiles but avoid buying televisions of 720p.
  2. Size- Generally we have to sit at a distance three times the height of the television but if you choose Panasonic 4K TV Range then you can sit at a distance 1.5 times the screen height.
  3. Screen shape: Nowadays televisions are coming in curved shape also and people think that curved shape gives better view but in reality it is not so. Shape of the television does not make any difference in the picture quality of a television so do not get trapped in bogus lines likes curved television will provide better picture quality. Shape is all for the extra decorative effects.
  4. Trap of Smart TV: Most of the televisions you will see nowadays are smart televisions so there is nothing extra and unique because of which you end up buying unworthy.
  5. Sound quality: Because of the reduction in size the television speakers have gone worse. So, while buying a television do not trust the words of the seller and check the sound quality on your own as their job is to sell their products at any cost.
  6. Cost: Last but not the least comes the cost of the television. As per the quality nothing can beat 4k televisions but these televisions are costlier than any other one i.e. LED or LCD.

4k televisions are much more expensive than HD TVs because of which they are less popular amongst common people. They can be a best option for the ones with high budget and in other cases i.e. in limited budget you can go with LED and LCD.

Usually we do not give much thought before buying televisions for our home because of which we end up buying unworthy ones. In present date, number of television manufacturers are high so as the number of options for you. In a particular range you can easily get better options so do not be hurry while buying because in such case you may miss the better ones.

Always do a good market search so that before finalising any television you can be well-aware of the options you have so that you choose the best one for yourself. Never be satisfied while buying any product because you deserve to get the best in return of your spendings especially when it is about television.


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