Robots: Friend or Foe?

This is the question the Financial Times asks in their fascinating new five-part video series Living With Robots. From robots looking after the elderly in Japan to humanoid robots being built down the road (Japan certainly has a thing for robotics!), the videos give us an eye-opening insight into the role of robots today – in our home, in our workplace and the world around us. Forget Robocop, some of these robots actually LOOK like humans – be scared, be very scared. But can these machines ever truly match up to us? We like to blow our own human trumpet J One video which affects the majority of us is My Colleague, The Robot all about robots in the workplace. Due to increasing customer demands, more and more machines have started to replace human workers in areas of agriculture and manufacturing. Murad Ahmad takes us inside the factories of high-tech retail spaces to see how workers operate alongside robots and the impact it is having on their day to day lives – Are the robots coming for all our jobs, as many fear, or can we all work together in harmony?




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