SendPulse – AI Powered Email Marketing App Review

There are so many email marketing software and tools that are available out there, but finding a good one that suits your needs can be a little difficult. There are some features that you would love while there are others that you hate to the core in a given app. Apart from that, a very important parameter to check while choosing your email marketing software of choice is the delivery rates and the open rates.

Mailchimp, getresopnse etc are some of the big names in the email marketing industry and a considerably new name in the email marketing industry is Sendpulse. Sendpulse makes use of an AI platform that intelligently maximizes email open rates and email deliverability while handling intelligent segmentation and personalization of your mailing lists etc..

You can signup to Sendpulse for free to try it out. A free account will help you to check out the interesting features available in it. Once you sign up, you will be able to create a mailing list, import your subscribers and then begin by creating a campaign.

Let’s look at how you can get started with Sendpulse.

Importing your subscribers into Sendpulse

You will be able to easily import all your existing email subscribers into Sendpulse from any other email marketing app. You will be able to do it by either uploading an export file or just pasting the contact information into the inbuilt importer tool and the rest will be sorted.

Setting up a campaign

It is pretty easy to setup a marketing campaign when you start in Sendpulse. You will be able to setup a regular email campaign, create automated emails based on actions or set up an email A/B test with just a few clicks. If you are moving from an existing email marketing app like mailchimp, setting up a campaign in Sendpulse will be a piece of cake as the steps to be carried out and the user interface are much user friendly.
Push notifications and SMS Options

Apart from just email marketing campaigns, Sendpulse will help you take your marketing campaign to the next level by using push notifications and bulk SMS. The Push notifications option is available for free, but the catch is that it has their label on it. You can remove this label by upgrading your plan.
Push notifications are much more direct than emails and have better engagement rates. Once a user allows the browser to accept push notifications from your website, you can send them push notifications using Sendpulse.

You can send 10 bulk sms to any numbers you choose with the free version. You will be able to either schedule it or just send them instantaneously. There is no email marketing app in the market that comes with an inbuilt free push notification and bulk SMS service in it.

Artificial Intelligence

Sendpulse makes use of machine learning to optimize delivery rates and email open rates. It helps with automatically segmenting your subscriber list. The AI component will start it’s magic in a few weeks from setting up sendpulse and using it actively as it need sample data to understand your preference and behavior.

SMTP services

Sendpulse provides a nifty SMTP service, which will enable you to use their servers to send emails in the name of your website. This helps in optimizing the delivery rates especially for automated emails that going out through your website as it reduces the chances of them considered as spam mail.

Apart from the features, Sendpulse comes with one of largest free quotas in its SMTP pricing plans. If you are in the market for a one stop solution for your marketing campaign needs across devices, that is great at email marketing, provides bulk SMS and push notification solutions then Sendpulse is the way to go for you.


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