A new take on snake that went viral

How can 90’s kids forget the game that kept them hooked for hours with its simple yet addictive features? The Snake was possibly one of the most popular and most played game in the 90’s. But with the advent of smartphones and a plethora of games, Snake had lost its popularity. But after decades, a game that seems similar has become the top most downloaded games in recent times., which is based on the simple gameplay of Snake, has topped the charts of the most downloaded games. It topped on both Google Play Store for Android devices and App Store by iTunes for iOS devices for May 2016. Features:

The game,, is available for both Android and iOS devices and also has a web browser version. The game is seemingly endless. The aim is much like Snake, eating things to get bigger. But the major difference from Snake, which makes it all the more exciting, is that the game has a virtual space where players around the world play. So, it is not just you who is playing the game; the other snakes are also being controlled by other users across the world. The game has other tricks and strategies that the users have to formulate to make their way for survival. At a time, a little over 500 people can play the game. And there is a leaderboard which shows the top 10 players at that moment.


The developer who almost singlehandedly created the game was struggling to pay his rent only three months ago. That same person Steven Howse is now earning a hell lot of money and is now struggling to expand the features of his video game due to the heavy downpour of users. He is busy trying to make the game better so that more than 500 people can play the game at a time. He is also thinking about introducing other exciting features. One such feature is letting a group of friends play the game together. He has recently updated the game so that people can play against AI snakes as well.

The Story Behind The Success:

His game has been downloaded over 65 million times across the globe on mobile devices. And it is not only the mobile app for the game which has received such welcome among gamers but the web version of the game is also equally popular. According to the stats, there are more than 67 million daily users on the web browser version of the game. And all it took for the game to be such immensely welcomed that it topped the chart is three months.

But it will be unjust to say that it took only three months of hard work and effort on the part of Steven Howse to make the game the way it is right now. Mr. Howse had the idea of making a long time ago, but it was not until last year that he started his work on making his idea a reality. Due to a very weak financial condition, he had to move back to his home in Michigan from Minneapolis. When he was just about to take up a random job to make his living, the self-taught app developer started to work on making It took him almost six months to build the app.

But after he was done, he did not have any money to advertise for it. But received the first phase of users only through the word-of-mouth campaign by the initial users. But then Alphabet‘s employee’s posted videos of them playing the game on YouTube and soon after the game had found a larger user base.


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