: Gameplay, Mods, Tips and Tricks.

Agar was the game that unexpectedly spread around the world and rose to the top of popularity charts, even though it was pretty simple and straightforward. Even its makers could not anticipate the popularity it garnered all over the world. Its successor is here now, Slither. Unlike boring bubble growing, Slither is exciting because it involves elongating a live animal that moves fast, twists, turns, and even explodes if it crashes with other snakes.

Slither Gameplay:

In Slither, the aim of a player is to increase the length of the snake. The game involves directing the snake to consume orbs of light. If the snake collides with another snake it explodes into small parts which are then eaten by other snakes. If somebody crashes into your snake, then you need not worry as that snake will explode. The background consists of dark hexagons imparting a honeycomb structure. You can direct your snake using the mouse and speed it by double tapping. The same applies for your Android device too.


It is a seemingly easy game but it gets difficult as the snake gets larger. All users who must have played Snake on their ancient mobile phones should be well aware of the problem as it was something they faced in that game too. The snake used to become too long for the small mobile screen to hold up. Slither is more dangerous because the food of the snake is up for grabs for everyone. So, you cannot crash into another player but at the same time, you have to very fast to get the food.

Slither Tips and Tricks:

So, what can you do to increase your chances of survival and elongating the length of your snake? Mind you, if you have not played it already it is a really addictive game because of its strategies and hacks.

  • Here, you have to make sure that other snakes bump into your body with their heads thereby killing off competition and also providing your snake with food.
  • Now, there are those avid gamers who have nothing to do except play games. Stay away from them as long as you can because they target small, minuscule snakes.
  • If some big snake is your friend’s, then make sure you stay close to him because you will get lots of food as leftover and if you are quick enough you might grow real fast.
  • Wrap yourself up if you are surrounded by big guys and then dart suddenly towards an exit.
  • Small snakes are lighter and quicker. Use that power to become bigger but speed, as we know it, is a dangerous thing. So use it carefully. Your chances of crashing with others and exploding drastically increase if you misuse it.
  • The real problems start when the snake is big as it is difficult to manoeuvre but there is also an advantage that unlike the Snake games of old it can double up on itself. So try doing that.
  • Also, do not get too greedy. Stay on the edges and keep doubling up on yourself and you will find enough opportunities to feed. This step is time-consuming but its guaranteed to make your snake big.
  • Lastly, do not rush to feed when another snake dies because everyone will rush there. Instead, stay on the sidelines till the bloodbath is over and then you may find more than you were bargaining for.

Slither Mods:


You can get skins for your snake in the game by sharing the game on your social media for the first time. A variety of colours will be available for you to create your hued snake. As the game develops over time, you will get more options to upgrade the game and the snake also. The game runs on both Android devices and PC, though the latter is preferable because of the better visibility.

Slither Verdict:

Slither is as simple as it comes. It is very addictive once you initiate the game since you play in multiplayer with players across the world. If you have a competitive streak, you are done for. It is easy to play and the gradually increasing difficulty provides just the right amount of excitement to stretch minutes into hours with the game.


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