The Best Value VPS Hosting Plans of 2015.

On the lookout for a solid, cheap dependable VPS for you new business but need to keep your costs as low as possible? Looking to upgrade your current operations without upping the amount you’re shelling out? Let us help. Below, we tasked our experts with bringing us their picks for the best value Virtual Private Server hosting plans of 2015.


We’re big fans of California-based Dreamhost, mostly thanks to the way they offer such a solid package for businesses with aspirations of long-term growth. Plans range from as little as $15 per month for an entry-level VPS, all the way up to $249 for a top-of-the-range configuration. No matter which plan you take out, you’ll have access to unlimited disk space, data transfer and even email use, whilst RAM allocation ranges from an admittedly disappointing 16GB on the aforementioned entry-level package, up to a very nice 16GB with the $249 plan. If you’re making an investment in a VPS plan now with ideas of using it to grow your web business, this might well be worth looking into.


Both Windows and Linux versions of 1&1’s popular Virtual Private Server plans are available here, with prices that are again some of the cheapest around. For just $4.99 month, you’ll get a 1 core CPU, 1GB ram, 50GB of disk space and unlimited data transfer, making for a nice little entry-level package. At the top end of the spectrum, a six core VPS with 6GB RAm, 400GB storage and again, unlimited bandwidth, will set you back $29.99.


HostGator’s plans offer exceptional value for money, particularly for those looking to buy their first Virtual Private Server. Boasting the same commendable customer service and user-friendly interface as their shared hosting and other plans, HostGator’s VPS packages are one of the reasons the company has managed to earn a name for itself as one of the most popular hosting companies on the block. Plans range from $11.97 per month for a .5 core, 512MB Ram VPS with 25GB of storage and 500MB monthly data transfer, up to $99.97 p/m for four cores, 8GB RAM, 240GB disk space and 3TB of bandwidth.

GoDaddy Web Hosting

We’ve used GoDaddy’s VPS servers for some of our own projects for some time now, and always found them one of the easiest to configure and maintain on and ongoing basis. If that wasn’t enough to earn them a place on this list, their pricing surely will. Offering a flexible number of packages to suit any requirement and budget, things start at just $24.99 per month for a starter plan with 40GB storage and 1TB bandwidth, upto 240GB storage and 8TB bandwidth for $99.99 per month. The prices we’ve quoted here are for the company’s Linux-based servers though Windows models are available, with each plan costing $10 more than its Linux counterpart.


InMotion offer solid, linux-based Virtual Private Servers. Those who prefer Windows-based models may question why we’ve included them on our list of 2015’s best VPS plans, especially when you consider the costs. The most expensive VPS provider on our list, the entry-level prices are some of the highest in the market, with plans starting at an eye-watering $49.99 per month and capping off at $154.99. Still, we think they’re well worth a mention simply because we’ve found them to be one of the most reliable VPS hosting providers on the market.

At the bottom end of the scale, your $50 will get you 4GB of RAM, 2TB bandwidth and 60GB storage space, whilst for the $154.99 price, you’ll have 8GB RAM, 4TB bandwidth and 200GB storage. All plans support unlimited domains and at least two dedicated IP addresses.


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