The Best Video Players Ever, That Could Be Embedded Into A Website.

Hosting one’s own video on the blog is quite expensive so the interference of the 3rd party is required to host the videos that are the essence of the blog. The online third party will simply embed the video back to the blog so that the bloggers are quite contended with the deed. There are a lot of services available that do the job. But it puts the blogger in the dilemma. There are certain things that are necessary to look and survey before you hire a host for the video to get embedded in the blog. Some are:

  • The quality of the video provided by the host.
  • Ease of uploading a video on the blog.
  • The annotation features.
  • Online editing.
  • Embedding features.
  • Maximum limits of the videos to be uploaded.
  • The promotion of the video.
  • The ability to earn more.

The best video players will satisfy maximum of the needs of the blog. Some of the video players that you can get from the videos on the blog are here.

  • You Tube: the most popular and the Google-owned video hosting service. There are a lot of features offered by YouTube that made it so popular among the people. The HD video quality and the privacy are the important ones. It also supports video editing, annotations and a range of upload on the server.
  • Vimeo: it also has an advantage of HD upload and the videos on Vimeo are of much longer duration than to be uploaded on YouTube. The videos can be protected by the passwords so it is also preferred in terms of privacy settings.
  • Flicker: this is another popular tool for video and photo sharing. You can group videos and photos on the blog via flicker. It is mainly utilized for personal stuff sharing.
  • DailyMotion: the HD video quality and the multiple file uploads are some of the features associated with DailyMotion. The sociable service allows you to share many videos at a time related mainly to public awareness and informative content. News can also be displayed on the same. It is easy to browse and the content on DailyMotion is available in many languages.
  • Ustream: the streaming video service can be used by anybody mainly to stream live videos. Certain shows can be embedded on Ustream so that they can be easily viewed by the viewers on the site. With live streaming one can record the stuff online and it can be easily streamed straight away from the phone. But this is not a video host so as soon as you stop streaming the featured video is not embedded on the page.

Others are VodPod, MetaCafe, and TED.


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