The internet One Versatile Tool .

The internet is by far the most versatile tool ever developed. You can learn to knit or prospect for gold on YouTube. Take college courses at Harvard on line. It doesn’t seem to matter what your purpose is, the web will invariably have information, programs or websites devoted to your purpose. You can do your taxes, your payroll; find a doctor or a beautician. There are many, many well respected sites for anything you can think of. is an excellent site for payroll and has many well known clients such as Pepsi and State Farm. Free Tax USA is a website listed with the IRS that’s very easy to use. To find a doctor, MDSandbox is a great tool and has a list by specialties. You can use the web to calculate how many calories or carbohydrates are in your meal. A doctor can consult face to face with a specialist using Skype. Outlying areas without medical care available have physicians that use the net and programs that take blood pressure, check blood sugars and monitor heart rate. You can also use a symptom checker on the web to see if you need to call your doctor.

Interested in history? The web is an unlimited source of history from Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon man to yesterday. Have you ever heard of Gobekli Tepi? Or maybe you’re interest in metal detecting or are a rock hound. Treasure Net is the place to go.


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As of today, there are almost 1 billion (981,484,000) websites on the internet and it’s growing by leaps and bounds. By the time this article is published, there very well may be a billion!


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Historically, the web is not very old. In 1982 the internet protocol suite was started by the Computer Science Foundation funded by the National Science Foundation. That makes it only 34 years old. The internet is a venue that if not interfered with, can do nothing but grow. You can already give voice commands to devices. The brain synapses operate on electrical impulses. Can you imagine what it will be in another 20 years? What if you could just think your computer commands? Games like Pac Man already exist that are played using the brain.

The internet is the most valuable and versatile tool ever created. Its future is unlimited and it will continue to grow. Can you imagine what it will be like in 50 years? How about ordering a t-shirt from an online store and having it delivered through your computer? Star Trek here we come!


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