The Three Hottest Tiny Tech Items for 2017.

Almost everyone loves gadgets; the problem comes when you try to find space to store all of the latest and greatest gizmos that come out every year. Thankfully, as time goes by, Moore’s Law – which says that the number of transistors that can be crammed into a circuit increases exponentially – comes into effect more and more.

That means that the gadgets people love are getting smaller with even more features packed inside, from an everyday video camera drone to your new tablet.

For example, when USB flash drives first came out in 2000, they could hold a whopping 8MB. Fast forward 18 years to present day and modern USB flash drives are capable of storing terabytes of data. Plus, as tech gets older, it gets easier and cheaper to manufacture. That savings eventually gets passed down to the consumer, resulting in awesome tech that’s not only compact but also fairly inexpensive. Just take a look at the following three tiny must-have gadgets of 2017.

The Airbar

You know what’s even cooler than a laptop? A touchscreen laptop, that’s what. But can you really justify plunking down money for one when you have a perfectly good laptop already? That’s where the Airbar comes in. This neat gadget sits at the bottom of your laptop screen and turns your regular boring screen into a touchscreen. Best of all, they released support for the Mac this year, so it doesn’t matter if you prefer Windows or Apple; you’re covered for converting your screen. While there are some drawbacks – for instance, they don’t have a size for 17-inch laptop screens yet and it only supports 2-point touch – this tiny gadget delivers in spades.

Tile Slim

One of the problems, when you love gadgets, is that sometimes you misplace them. And losing things isn’t just confined to gadgets. Whether it’s your wallet or handbag, your phone, or even your iPad mini, it’s easy to forget where you put it down. The Tile Slim, however, changes all of that. This tiny Bluetooth tracker is smaller than a credit card and can be tucked anywhere you want on something you misplace often. You can use your smartphone to make the Tile Slim ring, or you can press the button in the middle of the Tile Slim and make your phone ring. Best of all, if you misplace something while traveling, you can mark it as lost. Then every phone that is connected to the Tile network will begin looking via Bluetooth. When it is located, you get a private notification of the last place it was seen.

Power Ray

When it comes to drone technology, it seems like they’re getting smaller and faster, but that’s about it. The Power Ray changes that. This drone leaves the world above and goes underwater. This cool drone lets you explore a reef or under a frozen pond without getting wet. It offers real time streaming in 1080p high definition video with a 12MP camera. It can also take 4k Ultra HD video or take burst photos at 5 frames per second. And don’t worry if the water is dark, the Power Ray has bright LED lighting. If you’re into fishing, it works as a fish finder too. You can also connect the drone to VR goggles to get a first person view as you explore the water.



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