The Top 10 Data Security Measures for your Business

It has been seen that a lot of businesses today are using the latest web-based technology and a wide range of tools to perform several functions of the business. These functions may include everything such as advertising, banking transactions, communications with the clients and many more. Thus, the Internet plays a vital role in proper functioning of the business.

Moreover, we can easily control the physical activities that are taking place in an organization, but handing the virtual world is something that we should look out for. We are well aware of the benefit of the internet, but there certainly exist some major drawbacks. Many businesses are the victims of cyber-attacks due to lack of Cyber security system and the statistics speak for themselves. So, here are the top 10 security measures that you can implement in your business to keep it safe.

  1. Implement Strong password

Using a very strong password is perhaps the best and easiest thing that you can implement to keep the security of your organization strong. You can use a password that is about 8 to 11 characters long and have a combination of numbers, upper-case letters, lower-case letters, and symbols. Another thing that is worth noting is you should never use your personal information in your password such as your name or perhaps your birthdate. Furthermore, you can check the strongness of your password using a good password checker.

  1. Establish a very good firewall.

Having a good firewall is very necessary as it helps to control the traffic that you are getting in your network, which includes both outbound as well as inbound traffic. It assists in stopping the hackers to access your network by blocking certain websites. Furthermore, it can be programmed in a way such that any confidential data or information from the network of an organizations can be restricted.

  1. Secure the mobile phones

Mobile phones these days contain a lot of important data and hence they need to be protected from being stolen. The best way to deal with it is to secure your mobile phones. Furthermore, you should put an Encryption Software, password protection software and perhaps enable the remote wiping.

Public Wi-Fi: Speaking of lap tops and mobile phones, we often tend to use public wi-fi wherever we find it, whether in a park or a bar, hospital or school, it’s important to understand that every device connected can easily be traced and even hacked. Playing games would be fine, but playing games that are related to money is something else. You could play and have fun at an online casino or any game where deposits or withdrawals exist, but doing so while accessing public wi-fi may result in your financial information theft. We’d recommend you to find a good protection program before you put your identity and finances at risk. Playing online games for money,using payment processors to withdraw, deposit and send money or simply online shopping is something to avoid while using public wi-fi.


  1. Install a good antivirus

It is evident to have a good and reliable antivirus to take care of the cyber security of your organization. It can easily defend unwanted attacks and thus keep your system secure. Moreover, it can also defend your online system from dangerous worms, trojans, adware and many more.

  1. Regularly update your program

It is considered as one of the most critical steps in getting your system protected. There is no point installing good programs when you cannot regularly update it. It is important to regularly update the programs so that it can keep the users safe. Furthermore, regularly updating the program can help you get rid of any loopholes or perhaps any issue which has been fixed by the programmers.

  1. Secure laptops

Laptops are considered to be very portable, and hence they are at a higher risk of being stolen. Laptops contain sensitive data, and thus they need to be protected. The best way of securing them is by encrypting the laptop. The encrypting software would save the sensitive data from being stolen as it would need a password to access. Furthermore, keep basic things that you should never leave your laptop in a car or perhaps in a public place.

  1. Keep regular backup

It is recommended that you regularly schedule the backups in a cloud or perhaps an external hard drive. It is considered as the easiest way to keep your data safe. Moreover, the servers should regularly back the data each week. Also, laptops and computers should ideally be backed up after a certain interval of time. Getting the data being stolen can be quite a loss and hence regularly backing up your data can be an ideal solution.

  1. Monitor diligently

It is advised to use the technology in a right way and keep a regular check on the latest technologies that have come across in the market. Moreover, use data-leakage prevention software as it can help you with the information that is coming out through your networks such as pieces of code, credit card number or any information that would breach the information of your company.

  1. Ignore the email or IM that are suspicious

Avoid opening or replying to Email or IM that seems to be suspicious. Even if you open it, make sure you don’t download anything or click on any web links that would be present. Doing so can result in phishing scams such as identity theft or online financial theft. Furthermore, regularly change your password with a period of 60 to 90 days. Also, avoid writing the password anywhere that can be easily traced.

10 Educate your employees about the cyber security policies

It is recommended to write down the cyber security policies and perhaps teach your employees about the same. Using this, they would be aware of the breaching that takes place on the internet and hence saves them as well as your organization from any malicious attack.

Final words

Stealing the money and confidential data can cause a lot of disruptions in your business. You should implement the above mentioned security practices so that it can save you from online security threats. Also, keep regular surveillance on the behavior of your employees as well as an outsider. All these can help to deal with the cyber crime and hence help your organization prosper.