The Top Free Network Configuration Management Tools.

Are you struggling to know how you can you efficiently manage your growing and increasingly complex network? Before you start, you first need to know what you need and what to look for in configuration management software. These things should include the following:

  • Config Backups: If a device fails, you’ll be able to divert disaster when you have a backup of your network configurations. Look for config backups that allow for scheduling, report failed attempts, and offer a search feature.
  • Configuration Change Detection: A tool for helping you discover changes, look for one that gives you the ability to create automated actions, self corrects, and keeps a detailed history.
  • Bulk Configuration Changes: You’ll be able to design, test, and push out all your configuration changes with this tool. Find one that allows firmware updates and the reuse of scripting snippets.
  • Compliance Auditing: Save time and ensure consistent operation standards when you use a compliance auditing tool. Find a solution that lets you create and customize audit policies.
  • Device Discovery, Inventory, and Lifecycle Management: This software allows you to see exactly which devices are on your network, under management, and under maintenance.
  • Multi-User Access: For a solution that securely delegates roles and permissions, get multi-user access software. As a bonus, find one that coordinates between workflows and users.
  • IT Ops Integration: This solution will integrate with other IT management applications such as networks, servers, storage, and VM monitoring.


Now that you know what to look for, you’re ready to get started with these simple and free configuration and change management tools and software.


An IPv6 ready application, Tftpd32 includes TFTP client, DHCP, TFTP, DNS, SNTP, and Syslog servers which allow data to be transferred at maximum performance. Other extended features include directory facility, security tuning, interface filters, progress bars, and early acknowledgements.

SolarWinds Network Config Generator

Save time by simplifying your network management when you automate common administrative tasks with SolarWinds Network Config Generator. You can boost your network performance, run advanced network scripts, bypass the Command Line Interface (CLI), and enable advanced network device features all with this one simple tool.


Once installed, this easy-to-use tool will show you every change made on all of your network devices. It also serves by getting specific information from your devices and by collecting and changing configurations. It also serves as a backup when all your configurations are stored on the RANCID server.



An open source tool that can be customized to your needs, rCONFIG V3.5 helps network engineers take regular snapshots of their devices. What is unique about this tool is that it allows you to choose what commands you want to run against which device. Once configured, all you need to do is schedule a task. The newest version enables you to monitor for policy compliance.


Whenever configuration is changed, an unexpected human error, firmware, or hardware issue may arise. To help combat these problems, ConfiBack will automatically backup your network device configuration.


Reduce the risk of failure when you automate your tasks. With seamless integration and no conflicts, Rex is open source, fast to learn, and easy to use.


Build a strong foundation for DevOps when you use the Ansible software to deploy apps and manage your systems. In this one easy-to-use platform, your configuration management, provisioning, and application deployment will be united.

Once you have your network configuration management software and tools, you’ll save a tons of time and have the security and peace of mind you need in order to successfully grow your network.


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