The Universal Way to Win More Conversions.

Nearly all companies are in search of the golden panacea, a single solution to improve their performance and increase their bottom line. While this is an evasive endeavor, there is one certain way to increase the number of customers by converting more leads. This universal approach can influence all your promotional campaigns, be embedded on your sales calls, and even carry over to your Email communications with customers. This seemingly complex solution is actually quite simple; it is founded on the premise that people purchase from your company for the benefits and not the product.

A reader of your blog does not intrinsically care about the blog itself, such that it was top rated or contains a concise sentence structure. What is more important to them in this context is that it must contain highly valuable information to improve their life in some way and be both easy to read while demanding little time and effort. Therefore, visitors care more about the benefits than the facts. Information is insubstantial unless it has some relevance to the recipient. Nobody cares that the government is increasing interest rates, until it is communicated to the layman that their credit card interest rate may soon increase.

Communicate the Benefits not the Facts

surefire way to boost the performance of your sales & marketing across the board is to communicate what your information means instead of the facts themselves. An academic reader seeking to form their own conclusion upon clearly stated premises is far from the actual desire of most consumers to make the conclusions simple. For instance, a technical reader may prefer the phrase in an advertisement copy ‘Oregon Certified Organic’, which conveys certain standards of organically sourced ingredients.

The layman may not recognize the requirements for this certification, so the phrase holds little significance. What would be more effective is ‘Unlike our competitors, we only use 100% natural organic ingredients, keeping your family healthier by avoiding synthetic chemicals’. This phrase communicates the benefits of being healthier and even slanders the competition by implying that consuming their brand may have negative health implications.

While there are several other methods of increasing the profitability of your blog, this will improve the quality of your conversions for whatever you may choose. If you host third-party advertisements, you may opt to only choose those that have the highest conversion rates. If you promote a vertical product yourself, you may find that this approach of focusing on the benefits extends far beyond the confines of your blog and can be applied from everything to customer service to affiliate programs and even pay-per-click campaigns in some circumstances.

The Bottom Line

While there are several methods to increasing customer lifetime value, but few are more influential than the way information is communicated to consumers. Focusing on the benefits conveyed to consumers rather than just listing a conflation of points will resonate much more effectively. Nonetheless, there are several other ways to bolster your profitability that should be far from neglected. Rather than serving a replacement for current customer engagements, this should be a far reaching foundation that extends across all sales & marketing channels. If integrated properly, consumers will begin to point out to you that you ‘understand them’ or they had a holistic ‘emotional connection’ with your brand. This has happened to a number of companies that have applied this approach to their website copy.


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