Three Physical Items Every Website Developer Needs To Be Successful.

When you think of building a website you think of items and words such as content management systems, coding, mobile-friendliness and HTML. All are very important when building a user-friendly engaging website. But as a web developer there are other items to know and consider to construct your best work. That includes physical assets.

Here are just three examples:

1) One is your monitor size. Face it, building a website requires a lot of attention to detail and seeing what you are doing is very important. One small code update can do a lot of damage to your overall website design and/or functionality. A good rule of thumb is to have a 20 inch or greater monitor when building any website and it always recommended to have dual monitors side-by-side to see a much bigger picture all at once. Depending on the age of your computer you simply need either a Selby HDMI cable or DVI cable to make the connecting a breeze.

2) Two is your computer sound. Building a website isn’t solely about being visual. Audio can play a big part on some websites. For a web developer that means having quality audio speakers and/or headphones for testing. If you work in an office with others and don’t want to be a bother, headphones are your best option. But, with headphones you have options as well. There are earbuds, over ear headphones and even headsets to choose from. For comfort your best bet and best ability for hearing would be over ear headphones. Many offer noise-cancelling features will help keep you focused at your job at hand. While a mic isn’t a necessity if you are working on the website with someone virtually, headphones with a built-in mic can also come in handy.

3) Third is power. You can be working on the best website ever created and if you lose power, it maybe all for not. That is why it is very necessity to have your website development computer connected to either a power board or surge guard. If you do decide to use a power board it is greatly recommended to use one that is surge protected. In addition to the power you should always have a back-up drive backing up your files on a daily basis.

As you can see its not just about having the right software when building a website. There are many important hardware items that are beneficial and essential for creating the finest digital work!


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