Tips To Know What’s The Best Time To Buy And Save On Shopping.

We all wish that sales never ended and discounts went on forever but alas! Such is not the story and we often end up burning large holes in our pockets. Sigh! How to get out of this shopping quicksand? Is there a favorable time to shop or do the stores notify you when prices drop? So many questions to be answered when it comes to knowing the best time to buy and save on shopping. To help you get the best solution for all your shopping concerns, here we jotted down some of the best tips. Read on…

  1. End of season

Every avid shopper is acquaint with this wildly popular idea of end-of-season sales. Now, you might ask what’s the point of buying winter gear after the season’s over. Firstly, some fashion remains basic regardless of the changing seasons. Secondly, a little pre shopping for the next year’s winter will do you no harm if it comes cheap! And if you are anything thinking like this, remember Paytm is the store to look for. The store offers huge cashback offers, discount and sometimes customized Paytm promo code to their customers. Such beautiful things are up for the grab especially during end of season!

  1. Return policy deals

Several sale items come with a no return policy affair which makes it a little inconvenient in case you’re dissatisfied with the product. Stores often make sure that their sale items do not catapult back to the stores and in that endeavor tend to tighten their return policies. So, beware of such policies if any.

  1. Resourcing

The best way to find out a sale is to ask around. Your friends, especially the shopaholics will know all the best sales and stores in the city. Get their take on those seemingly crowded flea markets and thrift stores. You never know what treasure you might just stumble upon! You can always rely on coupons and deals site like GrabOn to avail the latest discounts and coupons from various online stores.

  1. Clearance

After a month or two, most retail stores expect new merchandise and tend to drop prices of the existing ones to sell them off at faster pace to make way for newer collection. In a bid to do so, they hold clearance sales where sometimes, prices drop as low as half the original price. Now, things couldn’t get any better. All you got to do is stick around and stay updated.

  1. Weekend shopping

Stores know the value of weekend shopping as customers usually herd the malls and stores during these times. This is also when they make appealing offers and discounts to woo their customers and grow a larger consumer base. You too probably prefer shopping on a weekend as a leisure past-time, don’t you?


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