6 Tips to Promote Your Content with Social Media.

The most successful blogs combine useful takeaways with industry expertise and eloquent style. But even if you’re a stellar writer, you won’t attract readers unless you promote your content. Enter social networking. According to Smart Insights, there are more than 2.3 billion active social media users – and there are both free and paid ways to reach them.

Let’s take a look at six proven strategies to promote your blog posts on social media:

  1. Develop Relationships with People Who Have a Strong Social Media Presence

Bluehost published an insightful guide for maximizing blog readership. As the article explains, one way to leverage social networking is to develop relationships with people who have a strong social media presence.

The more people who see your posts, the higher your blog readership will be. So don’t be afraid to ask friends and colleagues to share your posts. If you own a business, consider evaluating the social media following of potential employees before choosing a candidate.

  1. Add Images to Your Posts

According to Social Media Examiner, photos received a remarkable 87 percent interaction rate on Facebook. To put that in perspective, no other type of post had a reaction rate higher than 4 percent.

Images can make your posts on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks stand out from the crowd. Like the cover of a book or a movie poster, an image on social media should be attractive while providing insight into the purpose and value of your blog.

Images also open up new advertising opportunities on Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest – platforms that are entirely or primarily image-based. This is particularly effective for blogs related to fashion, cooking, art and other visually sensational topics.

  1. Create Descriptive and Catchy Headlines (and Titles)

Every blog post should fulfill a purpose – even if it is just to entertain. What value does your content offer to readers? Are you helping digital marketing agencies create infographics? Perhaps you’re helping travellers save money on their next trip to Cambodia.

Your blog’s title will be the basis of the headline on your social media post. Readers should know the purpose of your blog immediately by reading the headline. But the art of writing a compelling headline doesn’t stop there; it should also be catchy and engaging.

Consider using alliteration or adding words that pique the reader’s interest. Examples include “Bizarre,” “Robust,” “Suck” and “Shocking.”

Try asking a question. This is a concise and unambiguous way to convey the value of your blog. For example:

  • How Can I Boost My Blog’s Readership?
  • What’s the Best Recipe for Tiramisu?
  • How Can I Save Money while Studying Abroad?

The bottom line: If your headline is descriptive and engaging, then it will attract more readers.

  1. Share Your Content Multiple Times

Many bloggers are missing out on traffic because they only promote their posts once. According to a case study on BufferApp.com, each Tweet of a blog post will generate approximately 75 percent of the reTweets from the previous post.

For example, let’s say you write a blog and promote it with a Tweet, which is reTweeted 100 times. You could stop there, or promote the blog with another Tweet which, according to the BufferApp case study, would result in approximately 75 reTweets on average – thus increasing the total exposure to 175 reTweets that reference your blog.

  1. Let Your Readers “Share” Your Content Directly from Your Blog

Most content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress make it easy to integrate social media buttons on a blog. With a few clicks, readers can share your content on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networks.

  1. Choose Your Social Networks Carefully

All popular social networks offer free features, and in many situations, it’s best for bloggers to tap into the promotional benefits of every platform. This is especially true if you’re not sure which social networks offer the most promotional value for your posts.

However, most people are time-strapped – and bloggers are no exception. If you want your blog to be successful, be prepared to put in the hours to build an audience. But if your best efforts to attract visitors from a particular social platform aren’t working, then spend that time promoting your blogs on sites that are producing results.

Social media is a tool in the arsenal of every successful blogger. Whether you’re blogging to boost your SEO, promote a charitable cause or accomplish another goal, these six tips will increase your readership.


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