Top 10 Movie Streaming Apps for Online Movie Streaming.

Movie streaming is the “in-thing” these days. There are sites that encourage and provide free movie streaming, there are apps so that movie streaming can also be done on smartphones and Android devices. So, movie streaming is taking over the world. Not only that, all kinds of video content are now appearing on the web which come with the option of streaming. The choice of the resolution of streaming has also added to the usefulness of these movie streaming sites and apps.

If you are new to this, then let me tell you. Movie streaming requires only a network connection and a smartphone or tablet. If you possess these, you are all set to get the best movie watching experience sitting at home. These sites are good because they generally have a vast library of movies from all genres; be it horror, comedy, thriller, documentary or war movie. You can get nearly every movie that you desire to watch. Not only do they contain old movies from neo-noir but also new age movies appear within a month from release.

Here are a few of those sites that will help you in your quest to find the site or app which is tailor-made for you:

  • ShowboxShowbox is one of the best, if not already. It has a vast collection of movies and TV shows that you can watch for free. You can also download and store content for offline viewing. It is available for PC. The user interface is simple and attractive. It provides HD content, if available. It also has great security making it completely trustworthy and reliable.


  • CinemaBox- The Cinema Box app is an up and coming app that is creating ripples everywhere due to the host of features it offers. It is free and safe and supports offline viewing, provided you have downloaded the content. It also delivers updates on recent content and supports Kids mode. Added features include Apple TV, Wi-fi sharing, and ChromeCast support along with subtitle.
  • Playbox HD – This app is supported across all platforms including Android, iOS as well as PC and laptops. Its interface is very simple and straightforward. There are also regular updates for the app and the option to change resolutions. It is also very low space consuming and supports offline viewing.
  • Bobby Movie Box –This app is available only for iOS which is a major drawback but its quality helps it make it to the list. Like the others, Bobby Movie Box also has a simple interface. All the videos are available in HD. You can bookmark videos for quicker access and continuous updates of the app is a big reason why it is maintaining its position near the very top of the list.


  • NewestMoviesHD – It has gained a huge amount of popularity and acclaim due to the fact that along with its fascinating and vast collection of movies, it also contains numerous cartoon series. The app is very popular among children due to the vast number of cartoon show episodes it has in its library. It also supports ChromeCast.
  • Viewster – This app is gaining much popularity because of the wide range of services that it offers. Viewster is currently popular because of its heavy anime content. It also has a lot of documentaries for the users. Movies and TV shows of any language and genre can be found. There is even a language filter and a suggested list modeled on user history. It also contains news on the entertainment industry and a database on the topmost actors and actresses in tinsel town.


  • Tubi TV – This app has one of the largest databases of movies among movie streaming enterprises. It has all the categories that are found typically in a movie streaming app. It has a unique category though called the “Not on Netflix”, that provides content that is available on most apps with in-app purchases. Friday is Update Day when hundreds of new movies and TVshows are added to the database.
  • CrackleThis app is a movie streaming one which is owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment. It was previously known as Grouper. It does not only provide online streaming of TV shows, movies, cartoon shows and documentaries but it also contains material that is exclusively released on the Web. It is available in three languages, namely English, Spanish and Portuguese. Due to big brand ownership, Crackle provides content in association with other big name production houses like Universal Studios, Lions Gate Entertainment, The Walt Disney Company, Miramax, Warner Bros./New Line Cinema, Paramount Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 20th Century Fox and, the Village Roadshow Entertainment Group.


  • Popcorn Time– It is a multi-platform movie streaming entity that goes about the process of movie streaming a bit differently. It is essentially a BitTorrent client that downloads movies and at the same time starts streaming them. Its advantage is that it is available on a wide range of platforms like Android, Linux, Mac OS and, Windows. It now supports Chromecast as well but has undergone several legal issues due to which it frequently has to change its domain name. It started with PopcornTime, then became; after that, then, and finally
  • Yidio – It is the all-in-one app which is a total package for every user. It has a news feed with recent and up-to-date entertainment news, it has customizable discovery tools that issues notifications and reminders for favorite show timings. It is one of the best it sources content from all the big sites that rule the online streaming world. It also recently came out with a survey stating that cable TV is still the main source of entertainment and the future is customization which Yidio aims to bring in.

So, here is the list of all the sites that you could try to satiate your hunger for online streaming. They are among the best in the business. There are also loads of other sites which are as good and you could try out those too.


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