Top 4 highlights of the Skoda Kodiaq

The Skoda Kodiaq just got launched and it has already become a favorite in the global market. The inherent reason is the crossover flavor of the SUVs and compact SUVs and industry experts believe that this new segment will experience a much higher growth figures than the average SUV. The Kodiaq comes 160mm shorter than the Skoda Superb and has a wheelbase of 2791mm. the MQB platform of the car is much similar to the Seat Ateca and the Volkswagen Tiguan and also a bit of the VW Atlas. Overall, this is a car with efficient engines, good build quality, sharp designing and value. If you have been wondering, and we are sure most of you are, the vehicle gets its name from a bear species in Alaska!

Here are 4 things that makes the Skoda Kodiaq a worth buy:

  1. It doesn’t look like another SUV!

The best thing about the Kodiaq is perhaps that it doesn’t resemble the average design of the SUV on our roads. It’s something different yet pretty stunning. The design and styling is in line with the new product line of Skoda, featuring creased metal, layered and bejeweled lighting, sharp lines and Skoda’s new “butterfly grille” with its chrome edging. The Kodiaq gets headlamps with sharp daytime LED light signature and that’s one of the unique ways it stands out in the road. The fog lights have now moved around the bumper, under the headlamp and thus creating a split cluster lighting effect. This is something definitive and this is also what we can expect of the Yeti that comes out next year!

  1. Amazing interiors as well

The interior of the Kodiaq too gets a transformation and the new design has certainly come a long way in terms of quality. Well put together and in high quality soft materials, you would love to have a ride, whether you are driving or are at the backseat. The vehicle is being offered in five and seven seated versions and you can choose one according to the size of your family.

  1. A value oriented engine

The Kodiaq actually brings in an engine that is for any kind of user. This extends to a 1.4 liter TSI petrol (with options for either 124 BHP or 148 BHP), and 2.0 liter petrol and also a 2.0 liter diesel (with options for 148 BHP or 188 BHP). That’s commendable and really adds value to your buy. The trim levels allow for choosing an S, SE, SE L and an Edition version. It is estimated that the SE trim versions with 2.0 liter TDI and 148 BHP would be a popular option among the average buyer. The price will come to less than what you would pay for an Audi Q5!

  1. Skoda Connect

Lastly, it will be about the connected car system that Skoda brings along with the Kodiaq. This feature adds a range of services including immediate contact with help lines in the event of a crash or breakdown.

Overall, it’s a great car to bring home and drive!


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