Top 5 Best Mobile Wallets that you can use for Online Payment in India.

With the advent in the technology, many chances are coming in life and according to them life style is also changing. These days use of online wallets has increased a lot and many applications are available through which you can make your life easy. There are many benefits of using online payment solutions such as with its help you can make your payment online, you can do all the transactions with a single click and can carry out other daily activities. All you need to have is internet connectivity and the app. With its help now you need not to carry any money with you, which will also reduce the theft of pick pocket or robbery.

Top Mobile Wallets

Although there are a number of online payment solutions that you can have in your mobiles, but some of them are gaining wide popularity because of their features. Following is the lists of top 5 mobile wallets.

Mobikwik: With its help you can recharge your prepaid numbers and can pay the postpaid bills also. This app has launched a new feature which is known as M-wallet through which you can store money in your mobile. You can even add money also. The main feature of this app is it offers quick recharge. If you want to recharge your number and do not want to sign up then you can use this service. This app is user friendly and it runs on all platforms i.e. on ios, windows and android.

PayTM Wallet: It is used by millions of people because of the services it offers. With this online payments solution, you can transfer the funds from one account to another account and you can transfer money in the bank account also. The main feature of this wallet is that you can make the payment without internet also, just scan the QR code and enter the OTP which you receive; the amount will automatically be transferred to the receiver number.

PayUMoney: With this online payments solution, you do shopping and can do other online transactions also. The main feature of this wallet is card storage and buyer protection. With the card storage feature you are not required to enter your card detail every time, they store all the information and make your payment easy. With buyer protection feature you are allowed to make the payment only when you are satisfied with your order. Along with these it also has features like less CVV flow, one Tap payments and white card vault.

FreeCharge: Freecharge has many features in it but the main feature is chat and pay. With this facility you can transfer the money after chatting with the user. This facility is available on the updated version of the wallet. Along with this it also works for needy children and from each transaction they transfer some amount to the account of the children’s. FreeCharge Coupons, help you also pay your electricity bills, water bills and other important bills and it runs on all the platforms.

Jio money: Jio money is the most advanced e-payment solution and is new in the market. It offers various discount coupons and vouchers through which you get the best shopping experience. Almost it’s all features are like other e-wallets but the main feature is the personalized offer. At each transaction they give you additional discount that you can utilize in next transaction. In fact you can also link your account with your bank account and if you do not have any account, then with its help you can open a new account. It also have feature of bookmarking with which you can save the merchants bookmark.


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