Top 5 Entertainment Apps For Android.

We live our lives with our Androids. They are the solution for every need of ours, and even recreation. So it is only natural that Android will have a lot of entertainment apps to choose from. Everyday 20 thousand new apps are submitted to Google Play Store . This clearly indicates that we are basically spoilt for choice. But there is this other problem as well. How do we know which ones are the best? Which one to pick for installing on our apps?

How to know whether an app is as good as it claims to be:

With so many apps, and such a wise user-base many apps appear near the top without them being any good. There are many hacks through which an app can have a good review or appear on the top. First of all, if an app is new and the developers have the money to promote it, then it will appear near the top. Also, an app may apparently show a 4.5-star review from the users. But please check how many people actually took their time to rate the app. You may come across many apps which have a lesser number of reviewers. Make sure to do your own research in such cases.


Also checking out the user review portion is a lot helpful. If you go through this section, you’ll get to know all the goof and the bad aspects of the app. And just to emphasize again, the more the number of reviewers the better.

Now, let us take a look at the top 5 entertainment apps for android:

Netflix :

It is quite impossible for people not to have heard this name. Netflix is one of the premier streaming apps that there is. It lets you stream a host of TV series and movies. But for the premium service, you need to sign up for a monthly subscription for a little amount of money.


Spotify is an online music streaming app. It has a vast collection of songs that you can stream right on your device. And you can discover new songs with playlists created by celebrities and artists. It also has a free version and a premium version.


Playbox is also another online video streaming app for Android. But then how is it any different from Netflix? This app has a wider variety of content. From movies, TV series, even cartoons. The best part is, it is free.

Clash of Clans :

When we talk about entertainment apps, games can never be far behind. Clash of Clans is one popular strategy game. It is set in the backdrop of barbarian clans who fight for survival. And the iconic symbols must be mentioned, like the mustaches and the wizards. Obviously, such big stars would not have promoted a mere game for nothing!

Google Play Games :

Last but not the least, and it can never be least, is Google Play Games. While we are talking about movie and music streaming, playing games as recreation, it is obvious the top entertainment app will be that app which lets you in on all of these! Google Play Games is an app that lets you browse through a world of cool games. Talk about entertainment! So these are the top 5 apps for your entertainment purpose!


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