Top Security Apps for Your iPhone.

Installing camera security into your home was once a very difficult and expensive task. Now it’s quite easy. We all carry devices that have built-in cameras and access to the internet in the form of smartphones. The iPhone has many home security apps on the market that can be used to help secure your home.

We asked George Otte, a Miami tech support expert, about home security apps on the iPhone. He said that the smartphone home security app market can be divided into three categories: apps that tap into an existing security system, apps that tie in with a proprietary system, and apps that turn your iPhone or webcam into a security camera that can be viewed through another device. Let’s go over some example apps in these categories. is probably the most popular home monitoring app on the iPhone for people who already have an existing security system. It’s an all-in-one app that connects with your security system so you can control everything through a smartphone. The app gives additional features like:

  • 24/7 notifications, even if the system is disarmed.
  • Compatibility with home security camera systems.
  • Integration with smart home technologies.
  • Integration with electronic lock technologies.

Unfortunately, the app isn’t of use unless you have a compatible security or smart home system installed in your home. Read the website for more information.

Similar apps: Vivint


Canary is a proprietary camera and security system that ties into your smartphone. The app and camera combination have the following features:

  • Calls the closest emergency services.
  • Automatic arming and disarming.
  • High-quality video regardless of light conditions.
  • Built-in high-decibel alarm.
  • Privacy protections built-in.
  • No on-going plan beyond the initial camera purchase (though there are paid plans with more features.)
  • Basic smart home monitoring (temperature, humidity, and air quality.)
  • Compatibility with Apple Watch

Similar apps: Nest, iSmartAlarm


This is a simple and free app that taps into your computer’s web camera and turns it into a motion-detection camera. If motion is detected the app will send you photos or video of what is happening. For some people, this is all that’s needed.

Similar apps: iCam, Presence, AtHome Camera, Manything

Before choosing an iPhone home security app, you’ll need to decide what kinds of security features you want for your home and how much you’re willing to pay for any services. If all you need is a motion camera for when you’re on vacation, one of the simpler apps may be all you need. If you need a full home monitoring suite, then or Vivint may be just the ticket.

Remember that a home security system is only good if you keep up good security practices. Check your system often to make sure it works and be mindful of any alerts you get. Learn the features of your app so you can notify authorities and retain evidence collected by your application.
With one of these apps, we hope that you’ll be able to rest easier in your home or when you go on vacation.


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