Top Web Design Trends To Watch Out For in 2018

The design of a website is often the first thing that online visitors notice about it. A clear, lucid and navigable design is the most underlying web design principle, and thus, while designing a website it’s important to keep this in consideration. As 2018 is approaching, it has become important to mull over the latest and upcoming web design trends that will dominate in the coming year.

Here we are listing the top website design trends that every designer must consider before for captivating and engrossing websites.

Invest In The Individuality Of The Website

There are millions of websites in every niche and thus, make your website standout, it’s important to invest in the inimitable elements which can create a unique vibe. Exclusive photography, videos, animation and web content can impress the visitors and make them visit your website again & again.

Functionality Should Be Given Utmost Importance

While an attractive design is always liked by web users, but functionality is going to be the ruler in 2018. These days website visitors prefer the websites which are easily navigable and where products/services are easy to locate. This is why, you need to pay attention to the convenience of the users. The site should not be easy to use, only for the desktop user, but must be comfortable for mobile users as well. By overlooking the functionality of the website you cannot attract the huge traffic inflow.

Call-To-Action Buttons Are Here To Stay

The call to action buttons (CTAs) are going to dominate 2018 as well. A web site without strategic CTA placement would not be able to generate the desired results. So, if you are not incorporating the CTAs in your website, you are making a huge mistake. While adding the CTA, ensure that you are using vivid colors so that they are clearly visible and understandable for the users.

Minimalism Is Vital

This was among the top web design patterns in 2017 and it is going to rule 2018 as well. An uncluttered UX and minimal display of elements on a web page help the users to get a clear idea about what you are trying to say.

The use of apt amount of white space helps the other elements stand out, and a user is able to read all the content in a short span of time. So, focus on minimalism if you want your users to engage with you.

Incorporation of Google AMP

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an open source initiative by Google, which embodies the vision that publishers can deliver a mobile optimized experience by creating apt content once and then, have it load swiftly everywhere.

AMP’s prime goal is to improve the mobile web experience. AMP helps in stripping down the pages to only the vital parts, it enables them to load much faster.

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