The Unknown World Of The Data Recovery Industry

Accidents happen. Your important and valuable business documents or your priceless childhood photos might get erased in a freak accident. It happens all the time. But did you know that your data is recoverable?


We hope to inform and educate you on the basics of data recovery. When you might need data recovery, whether you should get the software or a service, and how the process works when you recover your erased data.

Recover Important Missing Files

When Does Data Loss Happen?

As hard drives get older, the effects of normal reading/writing on the disk slows down the performance of your computer. Your computer might display “Disk Full” warnings, or corrupt files or incomplete transfers. These are all warning signs of potential hard drive failure.

Spontaneous data loss can also happen. Your computer might get fried during an electric power surge. You might have accidentally re-formatted your hard drive and erased all of the contents. One spilled coffee and your hard drive might not start up. Whatever the case, you should know that data recovery is possible.


Data Rescue 4

If your hard drive is experiencing a logical problem, such as an error in the coding, an accidental erase or data corruption, then Data Recovery Software is the solution for you. Data recovery software works by looking through the free and used space on your hard drive for remnants of your data. It gathers the raw data together, and compiles files and folders back together again.

Try Data Rescue 4 by Prosoft Engineering, the software that statistically finds more files than any other software on the market. But know that every data loss and recovery scenario is different. You might need to send your hard drive in for an expert evaluation.

Recover From The Most Severe Data Disasters    

The Data Rescue Center

If your hard drive is experiencing a physical malfunction such as a characteristic clicking or grinding noise, you will need a professional Hard Drive Recovery Service to fix your hard drive.

The data recovery facility’s goal is to repair the hard drive enough to get it into working condition. This means replacing mechanical parts inside the hard drive, often in a sterile cleanroom setting, so that no dust contaminates the disk. Then the raw data is pulled from the hard drive and analysed with similar data recovery software.

The experienced technicians at the Data Rescue Center, located in sunny Livermore, California, know how to fix mechanical problems. A data recovery service is much more costly than a software. That’s why in the next section, we’ll explain how to Recover Deleted Files with a complete guide.

How To Use Data Rescue 4

To use Data Rescue, you will need a secondary bootable hard drive, and enough storage space for your hard drive information to be transferred. Once you download the software (you can try the free demo for a free file preview), select the hard drive you wish to recover from and the type of scan. Then you wait for the in-depth scan of your entire hard drive. Hard drive scan speed depends on multiple variables such as connection speed, hard drive health, and errors.

Found files will be returned in the original file and folder structure. Or they may return in separate folders according to file type. If they were deleted, only raw data would be returned. Reconstructed files will not contain metadata. Make sure to check the scan results for full accuracy.


Now you know the basics about data recovery. Data loss can happen for any reason in this modern, chaotic world. If you face logical computer problems, use a software such as Data Rescue 4. And for more serious hardware issues, try a data recovery service center such as the Data Rescue Center. They are always here to help.


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