Best Website Copier Tools for Mac.

Today we are unveiling the top free website copier for your Apple’s Mac. So There are a lots of copier programs available, making it very confusing to a user which one to use according to their need. Here is list of some of the best and free website or webpage copier, you can use according to requirements.

1. CocoaWget


Wget is a useful and front-end GUI tool for a command line tool Wget. Wget is a Linux based Backend copier tool used for copying the websites. CocoaWget provides you a single click copying function making it more easy to use rather than its command line interface.

2. HTTrack

It is a great open source website copying tool which download the full website on your local desktop or laptop, and makes local directory tree on storage, which allows you to surf the website offline just the way you browse the website online. It is one of the best available free website copier programs.

3. Paparazzi

Its a smaal utility for website copying. Paparazzi makes screenshots of the complete webpage just not limiting you to the content appearing on your screen. Its a complete package if you want a high performance in small memory storage. It is the best tool for the user who want only the few webpages being store or copy on there local drive.

4. SiteSucker


It is also another great tool for website copier, Its easy to use, and allows to download full website on your local Mac drive, making it to view offline. You just have to put the URL of the website you want on your drive, and the SiteSucker Crawler makes it possible for you by copying its all contents including images, flash, videos etc to your local drive. You didnt get even a difference while browsing the website offline.  Thats the magic of SiteSucker.


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