Websites that Helps You Create Free Custom Twitter Background.

Social networks are one of the best place to promote our business and offers to the whole world. We can use any type of social network for our work, either for our blog promotion or for internet marketing. We all know the effectiveness of facebook and twitter on our daily based business. We can shout out whatever wee think in our mind to all our fans or followers with a single mouse click. Facebook and twitter are mostly used websites for these purposes. Being a micro blogging website and easier to reach to millions of people, Twitter is one of the most effective social media network. We can say out whatever we want to all of our fans and followers very easily.

Now, we all know that creating fans and followers is just not everything. One can create thousands of twitter followers using various services and improve their business ideas. But, design matter a lot in our profile. Whatever and whichever social network we use, its recommended to complete your profile first and improve its design and layout features. In case of Twitter, you can upload your gravatar or any custom Twitter background. Your twitter background is viewed by your followers only and your non-followers will just be able to see your gravtar . An attractive Twitter background can help you to easily convert any Twitter user into your follower. Now for design layout we need out various things like proper images, proper background, proper colour contrast and much more so that your user will just click on “follow” once he/she lands on your profile. Try to make your twitter profile as much attaractive as your can with the help you various effects.

Lets get back to twitter, Among all of the social networks, Twitter and facebook are most popular and useful social media sites for bloggers & internet marketer. Bloggers and internet marketers should be active on Twitter to get latest updates for their blog and internet marketing. One of the must needed trick to become much active on all the social networks and improve your profile’s background. This trick works very easily and you will get lots of twitter followers in very short time period.

It’s not necessary that you must be an expert to make your twitter profile unique and look attractive than others. There are lots of websites that enables you to make lots of customizable twitter backgrounds. I have collected a list of certain websites that helps in customizing your twitter backgrounds at reasonable price. Here are the websites which will guide your way to create a unique and attractive profile background.


Artweet is one of the most used and most useful tool to create twitter backgrounds. It enables you so that you can easily add information about you, colour customization , add perfect pictures and much more. A major advantage of this tool is that it will cost you nothing.

Twitter images:

Another web tool that can help you complete this task easily. Twitter images offers lots of backgrounds that you can use in your twitter profile for its better look and customization. Choose any background from a bunch of categories present on their website. If you want a professional looking titter background, you ca invest a small amount of $9.99 and the background is ready for you.

Free Twitter Designer:

Another free profile customization tool. Free Twitter Designer is totally free and easy to use online web app that makes your customization task easier. Addition of any type of image, icons and also text helps to make it look more attractive.

Wish a friend:

Wishafriend is one of best Twitter based tool which allow you to create customizable twitter backgrounds for your profile. You can do much more with your profile to customize it in your own way. Like all other websites, in this website its possible to add images, icons and texts.


MyTweetSpace provides you the service of both paid and free service of profile background customization. Simply you add lots of effects and add proper images , icons and text to your profile wherever you desire to use. You can buy any readymade and attractive twitter background at price of $4.88 only.


Another most widely used twitter based web application. Just login with your Twitter account and proceed to use this application. There are lots and lots of textures and colours to choose from. This will add lots of effects and your profile will get a new look.


Just like MyTweetSpace, TwitterBackgrounds also offers you paid and free service to create lots of Twitter backgrounds for your profile. If you want to use an image and simply a text, you can buy it readymade for you at price of $9.99 and you can buy any personalized professional background for $79.


Twilk is a different twitter based tool from all above web applications. The fact is that you can’t add any text or image on your twitter background. Inspite of it, your tweeps account profile picture can be used. Its just like another fun to play twitter based application.


TweetyGotBack has lots of twitter backgrounds in its collection. You will get lots of twitter backgrounds in various categories. You can login with your Twitter account and select any type of background you want to use and apply them to your Twitter profile. A major drawback is that you can’t add any type of image or name in your twitter profile background.


TwitBacks is a totally free to use service which allow you to easily customize your twitter profile. By using this tool , its possible to add any type of self made image or design in your profile background. You can choose from a huge list of 80 templates available to use for your twitter background. Its very easy to use and very good time saver application for twitter users


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