What are the various green hosting options for your website.

The revolutionary advent of the Internet has taken humanity a long, long way over the space of a few short decades. During that time, the omnipresence of computers has gone from a science fiction concept to an everyday reality. But one thing that hardly anyone ever thinks about is the potential impact on the environment that the Internet has had. The fact of the matter is that the Internet does take a considerable toll on the environment, and that the full extent of this effect is only now beginning to be studied in full detail.

Environmentally Friendly Hosting Is The Wave Of The Future

Environmentally friendly hosting is the wave of the future. This is all the more true because the full extent of emissions created by server activity is beginning to be realized. Were you aware of just how much energy huge server farms use up, and how huge the volume of their emissions truly is? A recent study conducted by the New York Times contained the stunning revelation that the massive digital warehouses that store servers are responsible for consuming some 30 billion watts of electricity on an annual basis. That’s equivalent to the energy consumed by 30 full sized nuclear power plants.

A New Breed Of “Green” Providers Are Hoping To Make A Difference

So it’s not hard to see why green hosting options are on the minds of so many Internet users and website owners who wish to be a little more sparing when it comes to energy consumption and resultant emissions. The average server has been shown to produce the same volume of carbon emissions as an SUV that gets 15 miles to the gallon. And, while there are a few companies out there who are minding their manners when it comes to emissions, it is true that there is room for more companies to take the initiative to begin using energy in a more responsible manner.

What Are Your Options When You Decide To Go Green?

If you are truly serious about exploring the green hosting options that are available for you to make use of, there are a few candidates whose good work in this direction has shot them to the top of the list. For example, there are several companies who have managed to achieve valuable results in reducing their carbon footprint. Many of these companies have been rewarded with special Green E-certifications in recognition of their important contributions toward the shared goal of reducing the impact server energy consumption and emissions have on the environment.

What Exactly Are Your Choices For Green Hosting Providers?

As noted above, there are quite a few green hosting options to be considered when you are about to launch your official company website. For example, one of the best known “green” hosting providers is Green Geeks. This company has earned special renown on several fronts, not the least of which has been its special dedication to environmentally friendly pursuits, such as specially configuring each and every one of its servers to run as efficiently as possible.

Perfecting New Energy Efficient Operating Models For Others To Emulate

For example, the company recently adopted a radical new energy saving plan that sees them purchasing three times the normal amount of REC’s (Renewable Energy Certificates) in order to raise their carbon neutral rating to an astonishing 300 percent. The ultimate effect of such a move is to return a higher level of renewable energy back into the grid, thus more than replacing the amount of energy that they use up in the first place. This is a highly effective strategy that industry experts are taking a close look at in order to emulate and perfect so that other domain hosting companies can emulate it.

Other Hosting Companies Are Getting On The Green Bandwagon

Following the lead of Green Geeks, a whole new breed of hosting companies is now getting on the green bandwagon. For example, Site 5 has long made a very public practice of taking the time and effort to plant a new tree to offset their carbon output each and every time a new customer opens an account with the company. In addition, Site 5 has long been an advocate for and user of technological innovations in servers that allow them to be more energy efficient.

Reducing Energy Consumption And Making Full Use Of Renewable Energy

Another world famous domain hosting company, Hostgator, has made a number of widely publicized and acclaimed moves to reduce energy consumption and emissions production. The company began by moving to a new array of servers that were 36 percent more energy efficient. It then began a revolutionary new program of using pure wind energy to both power and cool its massive collection of host servers. As with Green Geeks, the company has purchased more than its share of Green E-certifications in order to make sure that energy is being restored to the grid even as it is being utilized.

Meanwhile, a whole new breed of other companies, such as iPage, InMotion, Dreamhost and many others, are currently making the best use of the available technology in order to reduce their energy consumption. These efforts should be rewarded by the public. If you are contemplating moving to a new provider, you should definitely consider a “green” host for your new home.

Moving To a Green Domain Host Is The Responsible Move To Make

In the end, it seems clear that making the move to an industry certified “green” domain host is the right move to make. While there are certainly other considerations that must be borne in mind at all times, it does make a difference when you sign on the dotted line with a host that shows the proper and due concern for the environment. It’s always important to make sure that you are getting the best possible deal for the best possible price, and signing with an environmentally friendly domain host should be the icing on the cake that seals the deal.


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