What can construction management software do for your firm?

You’ve heard about it on the grapevine, its features and benefits, but the question remains: what exactly can cloud based construction management software offer your firm? After all, it seems only yesterday that the construction industry ran purely on foolscap and blueprints. Are such technical advances an extravagance in construction?

With construction services set for further growth, according to the Office for National Statistics, having the right software on side provides peace of mind. Your business is prepared to manage any demands, as the industry continues to expand.


What is construction management software?

Construction project management programs utilise project management principles for construction-based professions. From agricultural to commercial, institutional to environmental, construction management software supports a streamlined work process across all sectors.

Techy specs aside, when you invest in a cloud based construction programme, you are purchasing an indispensable product that enhances your workforces’ ability to deliver on projects. Encouraging stringent organisation across all developments, an all-in-one construction planner means you close assignments to brief, to budget, to timescales, every time. It guarantees you’re on track. It is the key to keeping on top of the game.

Say goodbye to standard sluggish business correspondence, and hello to effective electronic paper trails that design, sign, send, and file themselves. No more days will be lost to drawing modifications. Industry specific software, such as GenieBelt, allows you to redraft in just a few clicks, saving you days and dough in the process.

Searching for suitable software

When browsing around for the ideal software package, be sure only to consider software that offers the following essential features, as standard:

  • Integrated estimation, costing, billing and bidding software
  • Task management
  • Drawing tools
  • Contract, and subcontract, management
  • Cloud based build programmes
  • Time planning and recording
  • Email and accounting app integration
  • Multiple project modes

Construction management software works by breaking down the practicalities and processes to account for all aspects of each job, addressing common construction challenges. Scrutinising your resources and workforce capacity, software packages maximise worker output and material efficiency.

Sector specific construction management software

With the core of your construction management software established, depending on sector requirements, you may want to enhance your package to meet project needs.

For example, in the case of BuildTools Construction Mgmt and other home builder software, additional features allow the flexibility to control custom home construction projects.

On the other hand, electrical estimating software on the market aids general electrical-based construction tasks for electricians. It is also particularly informative for companies who want to accurately budget for additional subcontracted jobs. Integrated contractor software is a godsend for businesses that frequently make the most of others’ expertise, or want to collate business subparts for organisational gain. Software comparison sites such as B2B Software King can be a great resource for finding the right package features.

Why not try before you buy?

Are you still not quite on board? There’s nothing to lose by trying out free construction cost estimating software. At the very least, utilising software such as Easy Pro Builder, iScope and Estimate, means accurate cost estimates reach clients.

When all goes well, spread your software wings. Consider construction scheduling software that incorporates construction accounting software, a rounded, reliable digital backbone for your business.


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