What is computerized maintenance management system and its Impact.

Maintenance is one of the important aspects of any organization. However, till recent times, it has been receiving a step motherly treatment. CMMS is what has given the due respect that maintenance actually deserves. We analyze the areas where CMMS can be of best use.

What is CMMS?

CMMS stands for Computerised Maintenance Management System. This phrase itself should make it quite clear. CMMS lets you automate all the tasks related to maintenance and allied assets. It lets you manage a computerized database that acts as a bridge between the maintenance functions and its human counterpart.


The database helps you streamline the performance of the maintenance workers. It also helps you comply with regulatory standards. You will be able to manage and the technical and other assets in a cost effective way.

Where would you find the Use of CMMS more effectively?

If your organization is looking for maintain their facilities and improve the life span of their assets, you should definitely give a thought to CMMS. A CMMS Software is the sure shot way to achieve the goals with stronger corrective maintenance schedules.

Here are some areas wherein you can put CMMS to better use.

  • Production – If your firm is involved in making engineering or physical products of any sort, CMMS would indeed much practical for you. Such industries usually have a heavy usage of immovable assets like assembly lines, fabrication machines, and other equipment.
  • Fleet Maintenance – Transportation business is yet another area that can make much of the use of CMMS. If your company handles a large fleet of vehicles and car rentals, CMMS should help you in managing the maintenance and repairs of your fleet. Apart from that, you should also be able to comply with the regulatory standards with ease, thanks to CMMS.
  • Health Care – Needless to say, companies in the health care business have the costly Being in the area of precision equipment, they need to be in an always reliable condition. What else can help you achieve this rather than CMMS? There are also other machines like cleaning and sterilization, pest control and infection control are some of the areas that need urgent attention all the time. CMMS also helps in proper record keeping for regulatory compliance.
  • Linear Assets – Linear assets cover a larger area. Some prime examples can be roads, cabling, pipes (for water or gas), and wirings. CMMS can also be quite helpful in maintenance of your linear assets here. City administrations, electricity firms, and gas companies are some of the establishments that come under this category.

The different facilities and organizations are just a few of the wide range of areas where CMMS can come in handy. However, it should be understood that CMMS does not work with one single department singularly. The system covers the entire organization with users coming in from different areas like customer service, maintenance, customer care and sales among others.

A streamlined and amalgamated approach that takes into account all the requirements of an organization helps at having an effective maintenance program. CMMS just automates and simplifies the tasks.

The Concluding Thoughts

CMMS comes in much helpful in complex maintenance scenario. However, what makes it successful is the approach being employed in implementing it. Training is one of the major steps in making CMMS a real success. Maintaining records and analyzing data is the important aspect in a successful CMMS implementation and only a proper training can help you achieve it.


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