What NOT to do for Local SEO.

Local SEO is all about getting your business to rank highly on search engine pages. Maybe you’re the owner of a restaurant or pub and your goal is to bring in as many customers as possible into your business. This is where local SEO comes in. Local SEO is very different from your average SEO strategies. So before starting your campaign there are things you shouldn’t be doing!

  1. Don’t start with chasing links. When it comes to local SEO, you’ll want to ensure your site gets the best possible results on the desired search engines. For example, to get the best possible results on the top part of the page of a Google search, you’ll need to focus more on local NAP (name, address and phone number) citations, local reviews and My Business signals.

You can claim your Google My Business page and get it set up by including these things:

  • A useful, interesting description. It should be written and formatted properly and include links.
  • Choose the correct categories regarding your business.
  • Upload as many photos as possible.
  • Add a local phone number.
  • Add a local address that is consistent with your website.
  • Upload a high-res profile image and cover photo.
  • Get real reviews from customers.
  1. Don’t forget local reviews. Local reviews have a positive and direct impact on local search rankings. This doesn’t just mean Google reviews but reviews from Yelp and others.
  1. Don’t focus just on one outlet. Your website should be friendly to desktops, mobile phones and tablets. A study conducted in 2014 showed there was a high Click Through Rate (CTR) when a smartphone was used but tablets and desktops shouldn’t be neglected.
  1. Don’t overlook link building. Link building is extremely important when it comes to local SEO but can often be forgotten. Local SEO heavily relies on links from other local websites that are relevant to your business. With local SEO, it’s not so much about finding sites with high authority, although, it is a plus if the site is relevant and has a high authority.
  1. Don’t miss a beat when it comes to the correct NAP information. It is of the utmost importance to have your NAP information correct at all times. This information should be consistent throughout. If any of this information changes, it’s up to you to keep it updated for returning and potential customers.

Local SEO is slightly different than your average SEO campaign but in order to rank highly in the eyes of Google or other search engines, you don’t want to miss out on these 5 steps. Find the best e-commerce marketing and local SEO services to help you on your way.


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