What Transport Will We Buy Using to Get Around in the Future?

It’s pretty exciting to think about how we will be getting around in the future, the way technology is moving is so quick and so many things are being developed that in truth, the possibilities are endless.

As a result of technology’s appeal, there are more and more youngsters looking to get involved in the creation of new things and such are the minds of the young, we could be in store for some very exciting products in the not so distant future.

Driverless Cars

This is possibly the transport in the future that we are closest too, driverless car technology has already been rigorously tried and tested and we could see cars on the road in the next 5 years. There are many benefits to driverless cars from safety thanks to the technology that the cars will have and also economic and environmental benefits as a result of the cars being driven in the ‘correct way’. Google are amongst the companies driving research for driverless cars and they could be in a dealership near you very soon.


Ever since Marty McFly hopped on to his futuristic hoverboard in the 80s classic Back to the Future, , the World has been waiting for technology to catch up and deliver us one of these incredible hovering devices. Last year I found myself buying a hoverboard in Germany, it wasn’t exactly like Mary McFly’s but it’s the closest that science has come up with so far. The two wheel contraption uses your body weight to move forwards and backwards and side to side. These little gadgets take a while to get used to but are easy once you have got the hang of it. The future of the hoverboard looks set to get a lot closer to the iconic movie as more ad more tech companies look to invest in the technology.

Driving blue Hoverboard


The seemingly crazy Hyperloop system could be here before you know it, if you haven’t already heard of it, hyperloop is a tube system which fires pods carrying people inside them at speeds of up to 500 mph. The startup companies who have began production on the hyperloop say that they aim to have at least one or two big cities in the World using this technology with some even stating that by 2050, it will be a common form of transportation.

Flying Cars

James Bond style flying cars could be with us within the next 5 years and there have already been prototypes of the cars launched as early as 2014. The cars have expandable wings which will automatically be deployed and allow the cars to fly at low distances before landing back to Earth and driving on as normal. Because of the safety challenges it is thought that these flying cars would be self driving and self flying, just imagine taking your driving exam for that one!!


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