What’s Smart DNS Technology and How Smart DNS Proxy is different from the competition.

What is Smart DNS Proxy Server?

Smart DNS Proxy is a multi-solution Smart DNS service which uses the smart technology that permits the internet users across the world to unblock the content of the sites whether it is Geo-restricted or regional-restricted content.

Why is it recommended in Unblocking the websites?

There are certain advantages of the using the Smart DNS Proxy Server that incorporates:

  • Minimal loss of Speed – Unlike VPN, there is needed to re-route the particular information which is related to your geographic location.
  • Easy Installation and to Use – Smart DNS Proxy server has been designed in such way that it could be install with ease. Through this, you are able to unblock the blocked sites from any of the internet capable devices such as Apple TV, Kindle Fire, PC, Laptop, Android Device, gaming console and so forth.


Working of Smart DNS Proxy

Its working is very simple. When you try to access the restricted content of the website, it simply changes the DNS of the devices. By using this method, you are enabled to view the restricted content of the websites if you are accessing the website from the home country but your identity will appear in those countries where permission has been granted.

Few of Popular Unblocked Websites.


Distinction between Smart DNS Proxy Server and Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Smart DNS Proxy is basically used to unblock the geo- and regional-based blocked sites like Hulu, Pandora and so forth. While using it, it does not encrypt the data as well as hide the IP as well. When you are streaming or even downloading the audio or video content via internet capable devices, their speed much not affected but you get better speed while using it. It is generally fastest or easiest way to unblock the restricted content of the website.

For free trial, Sign Up now and Avail the Services of Premium Smart DNS Proxy Server

Smart DNS Proxy has servers across the world which means that they are enabled to provide you the ultimate experience if you are downloading or streaming any restricted contents whether it is geo-based or regional based related. One of the best features it has that they are easy to use and even compatible with all internet-related devices such as Mobile devices, Laptop, Apple TV, Kindle fire TV and so forth.

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