Whatsapp Testing Video Calling & GIF sharing in Beta- Soon to Avail for All Users.

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app across the globe. And it has seen a lot of significant changes since the very beginning of this year. It has introduced an end-to-end encryption policy across all platforms. It has also introduced document sharing option. And now it has added GIF sharing option in the Beta version for iOS users. This version is soon to be released.

GIF for WhatsApp:

Though the feature for sharing GIF files is not available on all platforms, we can hope that this is going to be accessible on all devices soon. However, there are some limitations to this as of yet. The latest updated version 2.16.71 will only allow the Beta users to share a GIF from a link. The messaging platform lets the GIF be automatically viewed in the chatbox. But the option of saving is limiting again. Those GIF files can be saved on Camera Roll folder of the device but only as a simple image format. But even with these limitations, this feature is bound to be welcomed by the users.


It is only a matter of time that the developers release their own set of GIF stickers or GIF emojis at the very least to the app. Just imagine, how cool would it be if you were able to add a GIF emoji or emoticon as your WhatsApp status update. If this becomes reality, then this app will be the first one to incorporate using GIF emojis as part of a status update. WhatsApp status would be so much cooler and awesome and fun!

The new update, which is all ready to be released, also has other updates. The GIFs can be replied to directly. And 3D touch actions are also supposed to be released along with it.

Video Calling via WhatsApp:

However, the one thing that has kept the users waiting in much anticipation is the option for video calling via WhatsApp. In a recent leak from some users showed that their updated Beta version of WhatsApp for Android had the button for video calling. But tapping on the button redirected the users to the option of audio calling which has been there for quite some time. In another update, that button was removed. But this gives us, the users, hope that video calling will soon be added to this excellent and awesome instant messaging app.


It has been a long and exciting journey for the application. The app which was developed by Brian Acton and Jan Koum with the idea of putting a status next to the user’s name or number has undergone a severe change over the years. WhatsApp status is not the only feature that this communication app provides. It has features of sharing media files, like images, audio clips, audio files, video files, locations, contacts, even documents.

It is no wonder that this messenger is one of the most widely used apps across the globe. And it still remains the top choice for users. This app has never been defeated by any of its competitors in the market, and mind you me; there are hundreds of other apps that are constantly competing. But none has made a bigger userbase or left an impact on the users.


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