When is it necessary to have a blog as part of your website?

At one point or another, just about every business or website owner is faced with the same question: should I add a blog to my site? Some people may assume that a blog will make more a difference than it really will, while others think that it’s a total waste of time to run a blog. If you’re wondering whether or not you should add a blog to your website, read on for the reasons why many people opt to go the blogging route.

You Want to Increase Visitors to Your Website

While this is certainly not the only reason why you should start a blog, increasing visitors to your website is a big goal for any website manager. When you correctly use SEO in your blog posts, you can increase the number of people who organically find your website. When it comes to SEO and blog creation, it’s best to work with an expert, at least at first. SEO isn’t an easy technique to grasp and you want to make sure you’re going about it the right way.

You Want to Build Your Brand

Blogging is an excellent way to further build your online brand. When you write about certain topics, people start to see you as an expert in the field. Pick topics that you want to be known for. As you start accumulating a collection of quality content on the same topics, people will look to you for advice. This is a great way to branch out a bit and show people what you’re really about. For example, a jewelry brand may start a blog to show their audience that they don’t just know the ins and outs of jewelry design, but that they also know about current fashion trends. The more quality content you publish, the more your audience will grow to trust you. Consumers prefer to make purchases from companies they trust.

You Want to Get Your Team More Involved

Blog creation doesn’t have to be just for you; it can involve your entire team, too. Encourage the people in your company to produce content for the blog. Everyone should be able to add content that plays to their unique skills. For example, some people may be strong writers while others may be great photographers. So long as it’s in line with your brand, each team member should be encouraged to be creative on the company blog.

You Want to Include Your Audience in Your Journey

Whether you’re a solo-preneur or you’re at the helm of a large retail company, it’s always a good idea to make your customers feel like they’re part of your success. With a blog, you have a platform for making business announcements, showing behind-the-scenes happenings and celebrating your wins. Post news about your business and the industry to keep your audience informed. Also, make sure that you allow for blog comments and read them regularly. When there’s a negative comment, don’t ignore it or delete it. Respond to it in a kind, professional manner.

You Want to Make a Difference in People’s Lives

There’s something you’re skilled at, which is why you have a website in the first place. Maybe your website is used to sell services or it’s a retail shop that sells products. Whichever it is, there’s something that you’re exceptionally good at. A blog is a way to help other people. You can take what you’ve learned and turn your experience and knowledge into blog posts that will help others.

You Want to Improve Your Online Reach

When you post content that other people are interested in, you increase the possibility that they’ll share the content with their audience. Every time someone in your audience shares your content, a brand new segment of people see your business name, your logo and your business information. It’s important that all of your content is branded. That way, when other people share it, there will be no mistaking where it came from.

You Want to Connect With Influencers

The more you put your business information out there, the more likely it is than an industry influencer will see it. This is especially useful for small businesses and startups. There’s no better recommendation than one that comes from an influencer who people trust. As you blog and market your content, you’ll connect with other big names in the field. With time, you may be fortunate enough to have one of them share your content and recommend it to their enormous group of followers.

You Need to Fine-Tune Your Brand’s Voice

You may have picked out your color scheme, logo and font types, but if your business doesn’t produce a lot of copy, you may not have your brand’s voice down pat yet. A blog is a great way to explore your voice, especially if you’re a new business. The way you write on your blog can influence the way you work the copy in your social media profiles, e-mails and hard copy marketing materials.

You Want to Respond to FAQ

One of the best things a blog can do for you is to answer questions that customers seem to have over and over. Not only will you get a useful blog post out of each FAQ, but you’ll also be able to direct customers to the online answer instead of taking the time to respond individually. Also, consider creating blog posts for questions that aren’t asked all the time, but that are still interesting. This will force you to learn more about your industry and it will result in compelling content.

When starting a blog, you have to give it some time. It’s not going to immediately pull in hundreds or thousands of readers. Stick to your strategy, monitor analytics as you go along and don’t be deterred by slow growth. After six months, take a more in-depth look at what you’ve achieved and decide how you want to tweak your strategy for the next six months.


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