Why Having a Sleek Website Is Vital to Business Success.

You’ve come across them all before. The business that you need to contact for whatever reason needs to you go to their website. Not a difficult request, you visit their address on the World Wide Web only to come across a very unfriendly and very outdated looking website. As a result of seeing such a faded and ignored website, you change your mind about getting in contact with that business.

This occurrence happens a lot more often than you think. Many businesses rely on their face-to-face interactions through their brick-and-mortar locations as opposed to a digital presence. However, the fact of the matter is, a face-to-face interaction and physical visit to an office just doesn’t cut it any more. As we are in the midst of the digital age, it is more important than ever to create a strong online presence with your business, and that starts with updating and renovating your current website.

Below are a few reasons as to why your business needs an updated website.

It’s Available Long After You Lockup for the Night

Depending on your business vertical, your business has operating hours. Whether you are a retailer, a service provider, or anything in between, you and your employees most likely all step out of the office after a certain time in the day and week. In those times, how are customers supposed to get in contact with you? With an updated website, you can stay connected long after the typical hours of 9 to 5.

Visitors to your website can use a simple contact form to fill out their name, contact information, and message.You can get back to them any time, and they feel better knowing that their message has gone unignored.

If you have a business that is in retail, you can have your products be available to customers online through a digital catalog, making it easy for them to make a late-night purchase from the comfort of their own home. How’s that for convenient?

It’s Your Business’s First Impression

More than anything else, you want to put on your best face to your clientele. You wouldn’t want the waiting room of your physical office to have outdated magazines scattered all over the place and faded and falling apart furniture strewn about, would you? Probably not.

The best way to gauge if your website is completely out of date is to check out your competition’s websites. How do their websites look compared to yours? Do they have the sleekest and most up-to-date and relevant information available on their websites? If all of your competitors’ websites are looking sleeker and shinier than yours, then it may be time for a reboot.

Nothing turns business away faster than looking out of date, because in an age where appearance means almost everything, how your company looks online is just as important as how your company operates in real life.

Consider Integrating an App

For companies really looking to make a difference with your online presence, you may want to consider making a mobile app. There are many reasons to consider this option, but also a number of reasons to avoid this option as well.

The first thing to consider is whether or not your soon-to-be mobile app is genuinely going to be used by your customers and not just downloaded and forgotten. If you think you have an idea that will make your business’s app useable over and over again, then it may be worth going for.

A mobile app is great because it can keep your business top of mind with your customers. Your customers are always looking at their mobile phones anyhow, so why not get in on the action and place your business’s app where their eyes always are? It may certainly be an investment of both time and money, but if your business really would work well as a mobile app, then it may be worth looking into.

If your company is looking for more exposure, and your app is also turning out to be really helpful to your customers, then you may want to consider reaching out to social media influencers to be featured in a few of their posts. All eyes are already on them, so why not try and make a deal with a few influencers to try to get in on the action?

It Is a Statement, Like It or Not

No matter what you do to your website, whether you add a blog or social media hub, or even just a digital catalog of products — it is the face of your business. When you have an inquiry of just about anything, what is the first thing that you do? You most likely pull out your phone and look it up in your browser. That being said, you want to make sure that your business looks relevant and just as interesting as your competitor’s websites when your business pops up on their screens.

Consider making your website mobile-friendly. It will make your website that much more appealing to visitors, and even possibly convert them into customers. All can happen because you constructed a stronger website for your business.


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