Why is Dell XPS 15 a Top Laptop?

Are you looking for a new laptop? Well, you should put on your list Dell XPS 15, because this device that is considered the standard bearer for the laptops that feature Windows 10. This model features dedicated graphics, powerful quad-core processors and many other features, at an affordable price. According to the sum, you are willing to spend on buying a Dell laptop you can choose from different models. But the most amazing one is the 9560 model that is also the latest one, and it features Nvidia power efficient Pascal graphics architecture. It is considered Windows favorite laptop, because it has Gen Intel Kaby Lake processors. If you want to find more details about this model, then you should read laptop reviews , and compare it with other models available in the market.

What you should know about its design?

If it were to talk about the design of the 9560 model, then you should know that there are not many differences from the one launched last year. But, this is not a drawback, because you will get a great-looking device that features wafer-thin bezel, aluminum chassis and soft-touch carbon-fiber-composite. The laptop has 15.6 inches of screen and you can take it with you even in a plane, and it will be comfortable to transport. When it comes to height, you should expect it to be heavy, because it has 2 kg due to its big battery. Dell XPS 15 comes with different types of ports, including a proprietary power port and a locking one. You have the possibility to opt for a model that features fingerprint reader, so you will not have to type your password to log in, you can use your finger.

What you should know about the touchpad and keyboard?

The trackpad is considered one of the most effective ones from the market, because it has no issues when it comes to responsiveness and tracking. The touchpad is Microsoft Precision certified, and this means that it will have no issues when you will use multi-finger gestures. The keyboard is backlit and it is responsive to your typing, because the keys are great spaced. It is considered one of the best laptop keyboards from the market.

Find more about the screen.

If you are decided to buy a Dell XPS 15 laptop, then you will have to opt for a 4K touch display or a Full HD one. If you prefer the 4K one, it will also feature IPS touchscreen. In addition, this model has a great big impact on the life of the battery, and it will last for 6 hours. The Full HD version is more affordable and the colors look amazing. You will have no issues to use the laptop outdoors, but if you are a gamer, you will have to reduce the resolution to have an improved experience. In case you want to use the laptop to edit videos and photos, then it is recommended to get the 4K version. The colors are vibrant and accurate on both models.


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