Why is the Wix Website Builder so popular these days?


The Wix website builder stands out of the crowd amongst all of the website builders that are available on the market. Wix is a type of drag and drop editor, which was created to help people develop an online presence in a simple and beautiful way. As per the date, more than 10 million websites are being associated with Wix. Furthermore, Wix has an approximate figure of 109 million users who have registered and about 2.87 million users who have subscribed to its monthly paid plans. Now, let us move to the most crucial aspect of this article, which is to answer why exactly is the Wix website builder so famous these days? You will get the answer to the following question in the paragraph below:

What are the things that make Wix stand out in the crowd?

  • It is an innovative website builder

Wix has a history of updating new features and designs. This is an ideal website builder for you because the last thing that you would want in a website builder is being stagnant and not sticking to the current trend. Wix is constantly developing new applications and tools, and designing new fresh templates to stay ahead of the curve.

  • It meets the latest design trends

Have you come up with the websites that show 1-pager parallax designs or a video background? Have you come up with the website that shows distinct sections on a web page? If, yes, then you would think that it would require a lot of coding skills to come up with such a good website design but the fact is Wix enables you to create such websites without the need to code at all. If you have used other website builders, then you will quickly realize that these website builders don’t offer you the flexibility to create such type of websites.

What are the features of Wix website builder?

The number of add-ons and features that Wix is offering is completely incredible. There exist other website builders who are in the ranks with Wix, but what sets Wix apart is the web editor this they built. It helps the users to customize their websites entirely and thoroughly unlike the other website builder. Moreover, with Wix, you would be able to integrate with Google maps, clip art, PayPal and from other websites such as YouTube and many more. Furthermore, you can use the drag and drop feature with ease and thus add more additions to the beautiful template selection that they use. Everything with a click of a button. Some other amazing features that are available for Wix users are listed below:

  • Wix Art Store

One of the best features of Wix website builder is the Wix Art store. It is a perfect tool to showcase your art, and market and sell it to your customer base through your website. You can get your art printed on products such as canvases, mugs, bags, etc. You won’t need to worry about the shipping, payment processing and the packaging. A third party distributer will handle all of these elements, so that you can just focus on creating the product and selling your work! You can expand your customer base, and make new fans.

  • Wix Video

If you want to showcase your amazing videos, then Wix video is ideally made for you. Creating your very own video channels on Wix video is pretty easy, and you can spotlight your particular video or movie on that. Furthermore, you can easily upload your videos or add them from social media websites such as Facebook, YouTube, etc. Also, you can stream your videos in the best possible quality. Another great element that was recently added is an easy to access embed code. Now people can embed your video with a convenient html code that is provided on your video.

These are the features that make Wix a perfect Website builder. It is the platform that is continuously growing and investing. Ultimately, it is the users who are getting the benefit.


When you consider the benefits of building a website using Wix, then you will quickly understand why it is termed as the best website builders across the globe. In the past decades, creating the site was a very frustrating process, and it would require a lot of technical skills to meet up with the requirements. With the help of Wix, you can now create a stunning website without needing to spend hours on programming books. Wix raises the bar every time, and thus it is one of the popular website builders these days.